Interesting Online Courses For College Students About to Graduate

Education is an indispensable part of your life that you must attain no matter what happens. It develops your skills, thinking, helps you set your goals, and have a dream. Most people would consider it a legacy that they can be proud of because of its significant role in life. According to some without education, people would not be able to make it to life. Education is not necessarily sitting inside the classroom and listening to the teacher. It can also be experiencing things outside the classroom.

A lot of people are pursuing degrees in college so they can land jobs in high-paying companies or agencies. A job that can give money to buy a car, a house, or food to store in the kitchen. To secure a job that pays high in any company or business, it is material to take note that a college degree is not enough. You have to gain experience and further educational backgrounds to catch a high position. Here are some courses you can take if you are a student who is about to finish college.

Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree is a program that universities offer to graduate students looking to pursue a specialized area of study. It takes one or two years to take a master’s degree, depending on the program you want to finish. There are also particular fields where you can take masters online. Some fields include business administration, finance, information technology, and corporate communication. Taking the course online is more convenient because you will have more time to study, and you will not need to go to the learning institution from time to time.

There are significant reasons why you must get a Master’s Degree. Graduate students take it to increase their knowledge in a specific area they want to specialize in. The program will help them to learn more about topics that college failed to teach to them extensively. If you are applying for a job in a company, a master’s degree listed on your resume would set you apart from the other applicants and will give you a better chance of getting hired. The company will see you as a more eligible employee for the job. It will also give you a wide option of job opportunities because most companies require a master’s degree.

The program will also prepare you for real-world situations and improve your critical and logical thinking, ability, resourcing, time management, and analytical thinking. It will also teach you how to research because some programs will require you to have a thesis or project that you need to finish by the end of the program. The thesis contains thorough research on a topic about something related to your finished course. Some people also get a master’s degree for them to be qualified to take a doctorate. Masters is a pre-requisite of some courses when you want to have a doctorate, but some will not require the latter.


Earning a doctorate is available to almost all of the subject areas. Although not a lot of job opportunities require a doctorate, taking it up will greatly boost your record and opportunity of employment. Obtaining a doctorate also increases your salary grade if you are already employed. You will have a higher salary than other employees with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, there are some disadvantages when you have a doctorate, and you apply for a position in a company. If the position you are applying for is a regular office day job, the company might have second thoughts on hiring you because you are overqualified, and there is a risk that you will leave your job at the company once a better offer comes to your table. Companies do not like to consecutively replace their employees because it could affect the company function, so if they think that you are only getting the job to stay for a little while, they are going to reject your application.

You can complete a doctorate in three to six years, depending on your pre-masters course. There are doctorates for research, applied, and professional doctorates. Some of the degrees are Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), DBA(Doctor of Business Administration), EdD(Doctor of Nursing Practice), DrPh(Doctor of Public Health), and JD (Juris Doctor). Having any of these degrees can also allow you to teach in universities even if you have not finished a teaching course. In some cases, before you can get a doctorate, you must first finish your master’s. And of course, in all doctorate courses, a bachelor’s degree is a must.

There are also other courses that you can take up if you do not have any plans yet of getting a master’s or a doctorate. You can take up programs or short courses that can improve your skill for practical works or office works. Courses that are helpful and you can apply to any work you want to apply for after graduation. Here are some valuable courses you can take.

1.   Video and Picture Editing classes

After graduation, there will be chances that you will not immediately work, so it is better to spend your time earning something new. All you need to have is a working laptop and your creativity. There are a lot of classes online that you can join in video and picture editing. You can use the skills that you will acquire from enrolling in this online course to earn some money while you have not decided what to do after graduation. There are a lot of jobs that need someone who can professionally edit a picture or a video, and you can earn a large amount of money from this if you apply. After you have finished the online course, you can now also teach what you have learned and earn money from it. Video and picture editing is a great study because you can use the skills you will learn will become useful, and you can even have a new hobby.

2.   Photography Classes

Taking up a photography class is also another good option for an online course. You can do photography anywhere, and it will not even need pieces of equipment that are hard to carry. What you need is just your phone or one camera because technology today offers a lot of features on the devices. This is one of the best online degrees you can take because taking up this course can also give you a chance to see the world from a different perspective. You will get to appreciate your surroundings and see every detail you had not paid attention to before you took the course. Photography is an art where you can express yourself and feel satisfied with the great work that you will produce. You can immortalize objects, people, or places and keep their memories forever. It can also be a source of income, professional photographers today are getting paid a lot of money for just taking a few pictures, and they also get to travel the world and explore.

3.   Entrepreneurial Classes

This course is advisable, especially for those of you who are going to finish a business course. Entrepreneurial classes can improve your communication skills, critical thinking, decision making, and all others that you need when you want to deal with a successful business. It will also give you experiences and help you gain confidence. If you already have a small business going on, the course can help you with ideas you can implement in your business that is useful and surely effective. Your professors can share their experiences, and give you an idea of what it is like to do the job. This way, you will not feel in the dark when you plan to start your ventures. Entrepreneurship is also growing, and it would be best to widen your options even if you are not a business graduate.

4.   Creative Writing Classes

Courses for creative writing helps you develop ideas and turn them into a piece of writing. It helps you think outside the box and explore your creative thinking. The course can improve your language learning and a chance to express yourself without any barriers. This course is a great idea for those who have finished journalism if they feel that they need to hone their skills more. It also helps with your mental, emotional, and physical health because you can write about things you have never had the chance to talk about with other people. You will gain a better understanding of how you can write a piece of writing and turn it to a paper that talks to the heart of every reader. Writing a prominent article can also give you a sense of achievement once people start to recognize your works and appreciate them.

5.   Programming Classes

Technology is fast evolving and contributing to the world of technology is going to be a great achievement. Programming is the way of making instructions for a computer to read and perform. People who do this write series of codes that use different kinds of languages like Java, Fortran, Pascal, C++, and other more. Programming classes develop your problem-solving skills and teach you a methodical way of conducting every action you make.

The classes will require a lot of coding assignments that help you to be extremely specific in detail. It will also help you to be observant because a simple missed comma or word can throw off your entire program. You can also contribute to the growth of technology when you can build a new contribution that can make people’s life easier. Some newly developed programs are often recognized because of the way they help minimize the work that people need to do, which can save them much time and effort.

6.   Art Courses

If you are someone who has a creative mind and spirit, this is a perfect course that you should take after college. If you feel that you have not finished the course that you want to apply for the rest of your life and you want to do something related to arts, you can enroll in art courses. Art courses cover classes that involve your creative thinking to produce something that people can appreciate.

It also includes the art of singing, dancing, or creating masterpieces of drawing and paintings that can express your ideas to the people who are going to see them. Your artwork will reflect your personality, and this will give your viewers an idea of what kind of people you are, especially when it is hard for you to personally communicate your thoughts and feelings. Art courses also often produce great artist that manages to make their name known to the world. They can create something that makes them a distinguished person of art interests.

Learning is a part of our life, whether it is inside or outside of the classroom. It is an imperative thing that we must experience because it can give us a sense of direction in life. It will help us dream and have the motivation to accomplish something which seems unattainable. It is also a great legacy that we can pass on to our children, something that can give them the motivation to do the same and be open to things that can give them knowledge.

Education is forever going to be a part of our life, especially now that everything is evolving and everything needs to be learned. Appreciate the gift of education that we have now because, without it, we never would have experienced a world full of ideas and improvements compared to the past. Some people would say that education is something that separates society because of its way of discriminating against people who have not had the chance to afford it. However, when you think about it, education is not at fault, it is the people who are educated but fail to teach themselves the importance of appreciating the work that the others put in to do their best.