International Moving Companies Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best international moving company, there are a lot of options that can easily overwhelm anyone. We can’t just rely on the Google reviews or testimonials listed on the site. We need to have detailed information about the company and its shipping expertise. To make the entire process easier, we’ve got you covered how to check International Moving Companies Reviews in the right way to make the complete process easier.

If you are shipping internationally for the first time, don’t worry. These quick review tips will make the entire process easier and faster for you. Check out:

Best International Moving Companies Reviews Tips that you can’t miss

Get the quote directly from the companies

The first step towards choosing the best shipping company is to check them by yourself. Google review can be unreliable and full of mixed opinions. To do this, contact at least three to four different shipping companies and request quotes from them. This will help you in getting an overview of the standard international shipping charges. But, don’t choose a shipping company just because they are offering the lowest rate. In such conditions, they might be hiding some extra service charges.

Check their facilities, turn around time, insurance(if applicable), expertise and then make your final decision based on the prices they have quoted. If you are planning to ship something custom-made, clear the agency in advance while requesting the quotation. It will help them quote you more accurately.

International moving company’s accreditation (FIDI FAIM)

FIDI is the main community for international movers offering genuine and quality services across the globe. To be a FIDI Accredited International Agency, the shipping agency must prove that they audit with very strict quality specifications and they must be regularly evaluated by an autonomous auditor.  They must have safety standards and security in place to shield the customer from any kind of goods damage or misplace. You will easily find if the company is having the required certification or not by visiting the official FMC website.

Ask for the warehouse facility arrangements

Ask if the shipping company has sufficient interim storehouse or warehouse buildings in case you don’t have direct arrangements ready to unload and transfer them to your new place, especially in the situation that you reach your new place later than your shipment. Have a look at their warehouse if they can show you photographs of the actual place. Or just by visiting their same country warehouse you will get an idea about the actual company’s standard.

Shipping estimated time

Shipping time matters the most because you may need to improvise your schedule according to that. Ask the companies about their shipping method and estimated time depending upon the tentative goods you are planning to ship. Following this small tip will save you extra money. It’s better to arrive at the destination one day before your shipment arrives. This is because you will be present there at the time your goods arrive.

Search company’s name in Google Business directory

If you want to know the popularity of the shipping company, just search the company name and you will find its listing on the right side of the search results. There you will find a handful amount of reviews to consider. If there are low to none reviews or stars, think twice before considering that shipping company. Check if their entire information is listed including their verified number, address, and owner information. You will also find actual photographs of the company uploaded by real customers.

Ask if there are any hidden charges

This is a common mistake most of us make while signing a contract with a shipping company. Ask them clearly about the hidden taxes, vat, and their service charges. If ignored, you might end up paying more than you should. So call the service executive of that company and ask about the additional taxes that might apply while you pay the actual bills. If the company is genuine, they will explain everything in detail so that you can be aware of what you are paying for.

Paperwork is important while shipping internationally

After you finalize what you are going to ship and you have agreed upon the shipping charges, get everything in writing. Ask the shipping company to provide everything in writing so you can be sure about you will not pay anything extra than the written amount.

If the company is offering any kind of additional insurance for the goods, it would be a better option to opt-in for that. It backs you financially in any case if the shipment gets damaged.

Finding the best international shipping companies USA is not a difficult task. Just keep these following tips in mind while finalizing any company and make the complete shipping process easier. Right from proper shipping to the right price, these tips will get you covered.