Investing in a Rolex watch can pay dividends!

Anyone who’s ever owned a Rolex can tell you that it’s so much more than just a watch. When it comes to timepieces, Rolex is the gold standard, thanks to its well-deserved reputation for extremely high quality, impeccable design, and impressive everyday wearability.

There’s a reason Rolex has become a household name and an enduring status symbol that is sure to continue for decades to come.

In addition to its many attributes of elegance and durability, Rolex is also a stand-out brand of timepieces due to its stability in value.

While most watches significantly depreciate in value the moment they leave the jewelry store, a used Rolex retains its value and can in fact even appreciate in value as the years go by. In this way, a Rolex can be an even more sound investment than a car!

Just ask anyone who has ever tried to purchase a Rolex at auction, where the distinctive timepieces can fetch an impressive price even after years or decades of use by a previous owner. This is especially true if the Rolex was first worn by a person of distinction.

Back in 2017, for example, a Rolex Daytona that had once belonged to the actor, philanthropist, and racing enthusiast Paul Newman sold for a staggering $15.5 million at Philips’ New York “Winning Icons” auction, making it the most expensive watch ever sold at auction.

However, a Rolex doesn’t have to be first owned by a movie star to fetch an impressive return on its initial investment. One of the top factors in Rolex’s enduring desirability is the company’s notorious tactic of making its most popular watch designs unavailable.

In the case of Newman’s Daytona model wristwatch, the steel model was in incredibly high demand after people saw it on his wrist.

By restricting the number of steel Daytonas it produced, Rolex was able to control the market for it, driving up demand without ratcheting up supply to meet it and therefore making it one of the most highly sought-after timepieces on the planet.

If you are on the fence about investing in a Rolex, consider that one day, your watch could be worth more than it was the day you bought it!

Choosing to purchase a Rolex watch can not only give you a boost in the present day but can also be something valuable for future generations to inherit as a family heirloom. Imagine one day presenting your child or grandchild with the Rolex stylish and status watch.

And if anyone in your family ever falls on hard times or needs financial support, you can rest assured knowing that you have something of worth that has a reputation for selling at top dollar, even in a down market.

Owning a Rolex can truly pay dividends down the road!

If you’re looking to buy or sell a Rolex in Denver, be sure to choose a jeweler with as sterling a reputation as the timepiece itself! Shop around to ensure you are choosing a jewelry store that understands the quality, craftsmanship, and importance of Rolex and you can’t go wrong.