Irish tradie complains he works too many hours Down Under 

How many Hours are you getting a Week lad….

This seems to be the measure of quality of an Irish Expats life.

When I was in Ireland, I can’t even tell you how many hours per week I was working because honestly, I didn’t care!

But when you move to Australia its a different story and one that needs to have some light shed on. 

Is it any wonder so many Irish Expats feel lost, unfulfilled, under confident and insecure when they are working 60+ hours per week?

Let me explain why.

When you were in Ireland, you had time to do the things you enjoyed, to spend time with the people you cared about and to experience the things you wanted to experience with the money you were working hard for.

But since you moved to Australia, you traded the things that brought you happiness and fulfilment for long hours and more money.

And instead of spending the money you are working hard for on a better quality of life, you spend it on the very things that sabotage your life and make you feel like you have no hope of achieving anything in life every Monday morning.

This is not a nice loop to be trapped in, I know, I’ve been there too.

You get to a point where you all you want is to have a meaningful conversation with someone who might help give you some direction but all you get is; “How many hours per week are you working?”

And; “Why aren’t you happy?” “You’ve got a good job and are on great money.”

But inside you are dying, you are stuck in a trap and you want out.

But the thing is that you have sacrificed so much of your life for so long that you feel stuck and completely lost as to what to do.

The truth is that you aren’t stuck and there is a way out.

You’ve just got to pick back up the things you traded for long hours when you moved to Australia.

Happiness, meaning, excitement and fulfilment. If you find those things again, you’ll find your way out.

So think long and hard about your life right now and if this resonates, you’ll know what you need to do.