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Is Asia to Become the World’s Largest Gambling Market?

One of the world’s largest population is expected to become the greatest market for almost every industry. Yet, gambling is not like any industry.

According to experts, the Asia-Pacific region is, at present, the fastest growing market in the world. Naturally, the Asian-Pacific market tends to increase gambling revenues with the spread of the legalization

At the moment, states with legalized gambling boats have great profits, and in-state where gambling is illegal, offshore casinos like Vera and John casino are very popular. The reason? The latest technological innovation contributes to the optimization of gambling services, making this entertainment more accessible and attractive to users.

The market’s growth is accelerated by the use of mobile devices, which entail the emergence of app and programs for smartphones; improvement of the level of welfare, which allows users to spend more income on gambling; as well as the outlay of the internet coverage.

Global Gambling Market to Grow $516.03 Billion in 2021 

This growth is mostly due to the companies rethinking their operations and recovering from the pandemic impact, which earlier had led to restrictive measures like remote working, social distancing, and the closure of commercial activities that brought upon operational challenges.

The market is now expected to grow to $674.7 billion in 2025. Let’s take a closer look at the major countries in the gambling industry of the Asia-Pacific region.


In general, gambling of all shades is illegal in China. Citizens of the state resume only one gambling activity, namely the lottery. When it comes to other activities that involve betting, people of China are required to visit two notorious gambling locations – Macau and Hong Kong.

As for Hong Kong, it’s likely to try four types of gambling: lottery, mah-jong, betting on soccer and betting on races. The city’s Jockey Club is dominating both types of sports bets and generates one of the highest levels of income from racing in the world.

As for Chinese online gambling platforms – they are considered illegal under Chinese law. If you want to gamble using an offshore online casino in China, the first obstacle will be depositing money at gambling platforms.

These online platforms usually use “running points platforms” to wash betting funds to look like legitimate payments. In order to deposit funds, a Chinese gambler has to access a payment link on the website that connects to a running platform designed to “grab orders” and upload the funds using someone else’s borrowed or purchased bank account. The only chance to experience the real thrill of a casino environment is to drive in Macau, where numerous casinos offer a wide range of gambling activities:

  • Sports betting;
  • Lotteries;
  • Gaming machine (online versions for board games, video poker and slots);
  • Casino board games (roulette, card games).

Macau is also known as the Asian Las Vegas; its establishments generate an annual income of more than $30 billion dollars, which is a few times more than the income generated by the Las Vegas casinos. Why this success? The lack of tax on winnings in this region makes it ideal for hard hitters.


Nipponese’s gambling market is strictly regulated. Lately, the Japanese government approved the legalization of three land-based casinos, which will be the first casino sites in the state. We weren’t able to discover Japan’s first integrated resorts locations, but according to prediction, these cities will be located in Yokohama, Tokyo, and Osaka.

Pachinko, a popular game in Japan, makes the country’s gambling industry the largest in the world. Hard hitters can be awarded money prizes in Pachinko parlour, yet they can get golden tokens that can be sold in cash.

Not long ago, Pachinko was the preferred source of entertainment for Japanese people but suffered a decline as no one is allowed to smoke in these establishments.

In their place, online gambling casinos are slowly but surely gaining notoriety in Japan. These online casinos are becoming popular with Gen Z and millennials because they aren’t restricted in Asia. Japanese players can play casino games at vera and john casino from the comfort of their couch without worrying about any sort of restrictions.

All around the world, the online gambling industry is thriving – and Japan is no exception. From Vera and John casino with its electric range of modern games and compelling visuals to online sports betting, Japanese people have not more choices than ever when it comes to online gambling.

For decades, Japan’s gambling laws have proved extremely restrictive. The Criminal Code allowed nothing besides common gambling forms like motorsports, horse racing and the national lottery. But the Casino Administration Committee changed everything back in 2020 when the industry finally started to show lucrative signs.

We’re seeing new online casinos popping up almost every day. The amount of choice for games and online casino information for Japanese players can potentially make it challenging to navigate the market, but it has also promoted personalization.

From platforms aiming only at demographics that focus on specific games, modern gamblers are actually spoilt for choice. Online platforms like Vera and John casino are able to produce services that suit multiple customer personas, opening the virtual gambling world to people who may not have explored the industry before.

In other Asian jurisdictions, the Asian gambling industry has always been linked to Macau’s bright lights and resort establishments. Although China is considered the largest gambling market in the region, more Asian countries are gradually slowly coming to the fore with new opportunities for casino operators who want to find their place in the industry.

At the moment, the Asia-Pacific market is the largest one of the console games too, and it’s foreseen that the region will remain the leader in this regard years to come.