Is BMFN the Right Broker for You?

Forex trading has been controversial since its inception, with some traders raving about their earnings and others posting one negative review after another. Underhanded and unreliable brokers further ruined the industry’s reputation.

However, it is still an invaluable tool for both small- and large-scale investors. If you are considering the best way to enter the niche, let us introduce you to BMFN.

What Is the Boston Merchant Financial Network?

Created in 1988, BMFN (Boston Merchant Financial Network) has been around for over 30 years and gained a solid reputation for reliability, customer support, and hassle-free withdrawals. Here are a couple of critical numbers that might convince you that this is the perfect broker for you:

  • The company has 14 offices dotted around the world, including the UAE (Dubai), China (Shanghai), New Zealand (Oakland), Australia (Sydney), and more.
  • BMFN holds four national licenses from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand authorities proving its official trading status.
  • Of 100,000 traders registered with BMFN, nearly 90% are actively trading every day.
  • Over 300 companies have made most of the white labels offered and launched custom trading platforms.

With that many active traders and partners, Boston Merchant is one of the largest brokers on the market and the biggest IB aggregator in the world. You won’t be alone on your investment journey if you decide to join this broker.

What Does BMFN Have in Store for You?

Whether you live in India, Kuwait, or China, if you have a computer or a mobile device with Internet access, you will be able to join the BMFN network. They offer both mobile (iOS and Android) and web interfaces and provide access to the most popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4.

Like any respectable Forex broker, BMFN suggests you start with a demo account before switching to live to trade. Once you are familiar with trading instruments and feel confident in your ability to analyze statistics and forecasts, you can trade in currency pairs, metals, stocks, CFDs, or energy resources. The broker offers floating spreads with five decimal characters. You can withdraw the earnings to your bank account via wire transfer or debit and credit card. But first, you need to sign up for an account, and the minimum deposit is a mere $100.