Is it safe to eat the dark spots in the avocado?

Avocado is valued for its high nutritional value and rich texture and is very popular among healthy eaters and is often referred to as a superfood due to its health benefits.

A deliciously ripe avocado will have light green flesh, while an overripe fruit is usually covered in brown and black spots.

However, not always a dark spot on the avocado pulp indicates that the fruit is spoiled. If an avocado, with the exception of some imperfections, looks fresh and does not have an unpleasant smell or taste, then throwing out such fruit is completely optional.

Why do dark spots appear on the pulp?

Growing features. Some avocados may be fresh and tasty, but the flesh of the fruit will be covered in small dots.

First of all, this applies to those fruits that are harvested from still young trees. Therefore, if you cut the fruit and, in addition to small dots on the pulp, there are no other signs of spoilage of the product, then such fruit is quite suitable for consumption.

Incorrect storage. If the avocado was kept refrigerated before being transported to the store, and then you purchased the fruit and left it to ripen at room temperature, then most likely tiny dark dots on the pulp will be found when cut.

These dots usually do not affect the taste of the fruit. However, such an avocado is no longer subject to further storage. We also recommend that you check that the fruit has not been spoiled before eating.

Too long storage. An avocado that has been stored at room temperature for a long time eventually overripe and begins to gradually become covered with dark spots.

If the flesh has turned black only in places, and the rest of the fruit looks light green and smells good, then the spoiled part can be cut off and the rest is eaten.

Please note that if you find mold on the darkened areas of the avocado, then such fruit must be thrown away. Because the mold is toxic and can penetrate deep into the pulp.

Can You Eat Avocados With Dark Spots?

Yes, you can. The darkened flesh does not become poisonous, but the taste of avocado may change. Therefore, before eating or, for example, adding such fruit to any dish, you should make sure that it retains a pleasant creamy taste.

If you have any doubts about the smell and/or taste and/or texture of avocado, then it is better to send such fruit to the bin.

Don’t risk your health.

Please note that an avocado that has a sour taste or an unpleasant, sometimes the chemical smell is spoiled. This fruit must be discarded.

How to avoid darkening of the pulp?

If the fruit was cooled before purchase, then it will not be possible to avoid the appearance of dark dots on the pulp.

Otherwise, avocados must be stored properly before and after cutting. If you purchased an unripe fruit, then it is better to just leave it to ripen for a couple of days at room temperature.