Is It Safe to Pay Someone to Do Your Essays?

Every profound and modern student has heard about numerous sites that sell academic works, essays, presentations, etc. The sphere is huge. But some questions concerning it stay significant. Is it safe for a student to buy an academic paper? How to buy an essay without consequences? Is there an optimal strategy?

We decided to gather all the fears and issues that worry students and users of the sites. Devote a minute of your time to learn the facts about purchasing a paper online.

Everything Depends on the Type of a Site

Not every site is safe, even if it claims to be. Don’t click on the first line in Google after the request, “pay someone to do my essay.” There are two main types of sites you can find on the Web. The first type of paper selling site is what we are looking for – for example

They offer custom works according to your order details. The principle of operation is simple: you set the details of your future paper, i.e., number of resources, number of pages, topic, etc., and get a new paper within a deadline. The paper is being composed right now, and you can observe the process.

The second type of site is less trustworthy. They sell already made papers. There are, apparently, lots of advantages. A client gets a paper immediately. It cannot afford to overdue an order. A client sees the result and pays for what he expected. However, there are some minuses. You can never know if the paper is original and has not been sold before. Usually, such documents are written according to the same template. You can never know if you are the last purchaser, and the paper will never appear online again. Finally, the document may not fit all the requirements. You will need to change it, or you will fail the assignment. To conclude, better avoid already made papers, as the risks are too high.

Things to Pay Attention to on a Selling Essay Site

If you manage to find a site that seems OK, there still are many things to consider before making a purchase. An inattentive user risks losing money or even a device. Here are some tips for those who want to buy safely:

  • Check the security of the site. Watch if there are signs of anti-virus and anti-malware software. The best online anti-viruses are Norton, McAfee, and Dr. Web. Watch if a site has the HTTPS protocol.
  • The design matters. A good and trustworthy site with many clients will spend money on design. When a site seems to be made according to the template or looks poorly built, it usually means that the budget is not sufficient. Such a company is likely to take your money without significant outcomes.
  • Another essential thing to observe is a set of guarantees. A self-respected company will not sell you papers with plagiarism, will be ready to fix a glitch in a paper for free and will return money if you are not satisfied with your order.
  • A successful company is a company with a huge buzz around. It will be useful to learn what people say about a site you have chosen. As usual, an excellent website has a page with testimonials. The best ones show the appreciation if their clients’ rates on popular feedback sites, like Trustpilot or something like that.
  • A good site will have a blog. This barely useful page means that a site cares about its customers and ready to help with papers.
  • Watch if you can easily reach the support department. A good and trustworthy site is likely to communicate with clients via three channels: phone calls, e-mails, and online chats. If you face complications in having a talk with support, think twice before making an order.
  • A good site is likely to work with popular payment systems. Such well-known companies as Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal work only with reliable companies. Their presence on a site raises its rating.
  • Finally, a trustworthy site must show its privacy policy and terms/conditions pages. A client must see how he will be served and what obligations a site must follow.

Is It Safe to Pay for an Essay Online?

If you have found a site that matches all the requirements listed above, you are not likely to face the problems. The writing service is not interested in giving you away. They are not likely to share the personal data of yours. They do not post the essays online as well. That is how the main issue connected with safety goes up to you. Here are some simple rules for you to follow:

  1. If you do not want anybody to be suspicious, never do more than you can. Agree, if you continuously get “F” s and suddenly get a flawless essay, your professor will think that you were cheating.
  2. Unless you tell everyone that you have bought a paper somewhere, no one is going to spot you.
  3. Stay anonymous. Order a paper from a personal device. Do not use a library computer, for instance. As you never know how the traffic is observed.

To conclude, if you are cautious enough, you will never face problems with ordering an essay online. Remember these simple rules and get your papers without fear.