Is MegaSportsWorld A Good Option For Betting In The Philippines?

Given the strict stance of the Philippine government on sports betting and onerous registration process, registering a local sportsbook was always going to be difficult. Nonetheless, MegaSportsWorld complied with the PAGCOR regulations and is Philippine’s first indigenous sportsbook.

Our author, Evelyn Balyton takes a look at the features, advantages and disadvantages that come with using MegaSportsWorld in the Philippines.

Because it’s locally owned, MegaSportsWorld was always going to be popular. In this section, we take a look at some of the characteristics of this bookmaker.

  1. Megasportsworld is primarily a land-based sportsbook. Although it has a website, bets can only be placed at physical stores. Similarly, deposits and withdrawals can only be made at a MegaSportsWorld outlet near you. Users can, however, track MSW odds on the website.
  2. Megasportsworld allows Filipino punters to place bets on local and international sports. Whilst foreign bookmakers may have wider sports betting markets, MSW odds reign supreme in the areas of Sabong and the Philippine national boxing.
  3. Users have to be at least 21 years of age and present a valid form of identification to place bets or make withdrawals.
  4. In addition to local sports, MSW users can wager bets on the NBA, football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Formula 1 and many other sports. Megasportsworld also offers a chance to win big from virtual sports with an entry fee of PHP 10.
  5. The MegaSportsWorld mobile app is available for download on both android and iOS platforms but only to VIP users. To become a VIP user, you must have staked at least PHP 10,000 on bets.
  6. As MegaSportsWorld is primarily an offline bookmaker, transactions are only permitted in cash. Thus winning bets or intended payments can’t be made online or via credit cards. To ease the burden of its customers, the bookmaker has about 100 outlets across the country and a ‘store locator’ feature on its website. This helps the punter to find the closest MSW available.
  7. Megasportsworld offers three-way customer support. The first is via phone calls and is accessible 24/7. Customers may also reach out via email and get their sports betting problems resolved. The last prong of the fork features a video calling service which is exclusive to VIP users.

Advantages Of MSW Odds In The Philippines

Having examined the features of banking with Philippine’s first indigenous bookmaker, we shall now consider the advantages that accrue from using MegaSportsWorld. The following are some of the advantages of using MegaSportsWorld in the Philippines.

  • Megasportsworld has a high level of credibility in the country due to its compliance with the PAGCOR regulations. Thus, customers can rest assured that their winnings will be paid.
  • The MSW customer service is available round the clock to resolve any complaints and problems you may encounter from sports betting.
  • The store locator feature on the MSW website is very important as it helps users to find the closest physical outlet to them.
  • Megasportsworld has many physical outlets across the country so you can easily walk in to place your bets or make withdrawals.
  • Unlike most international bookmakers, MSW odds give Filipino punters access to place bets on local sports like Sabong and boxing with increased odds.

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Disadvantages of Using Megasportsworld

As usual, you can’t have positives without resulting negatives. Thus, we take a look at the shortcomings and areas where improvements must be made to the MegaSportsWorld sportsbook.

  • Bets can only be placed in person and at physical stores. While many sportsbooks in the Philippines allow their customers to place bets online, MegaSportsWorld users have to make the trip to a physical store.
  • Msw odds are lower when compared with the betting markets available on international sportsbooks.
  • There are no bonus and promotional options available on the MegaSportsWorld website.
  • With MegaSportsWorld, your winnings are subject to a 20% tax payable to the government. This is per the PAGCOR regulations.
  • The mobile application is only available to bettors who have accumulated a stake amount of PHP 10,000 or more – a difficult requirement to attain.


Megasportsworld remains a choice option for Filipino bettors. Considering the limitations posed by the COVID-19 regulations, it’s hoped that MegaSportsWorld will improve upon its online presence. It’s also hoped that unfettered mobile app access will be granted to customers.