Is SwapSpace Safe and Legal?

Traders and investors can now explore the cryptocurrency market for the best interest rates to exchange coins immediately with the help of SwapSpace which is a cryptocurrency exchange website. Investors can exchange several digital assets safely and easily by crypto-to-crypto services and for doing this they do not need to create accounts and limit their exchanges. To provide customers with the best interest rate alternatives, SwapSpace works with trusted and respected global exchanges and also supports more than 300 crypto resources.

Define SwapSpace

At fixed and floating rates, SwapSpace enables its customers to immediately exchange more than 300 cryptocurrencies and it plays the role of data mediator and aggregator for several currency exchanges. To bring out the best alternatives for interest rates, SwapSpace has cooperated with crypto exchanges globally. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit the bitcoin cycle

How does it work?

To total the best crypto interest rates from various services, SwapSpace is working with the most known cryptocurrency platforms. To search for the best price, you don’t have to register yourself for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges because SwapSpace will find the best interest rate for you. Until the client finishes his transactions and approved on the blockchain, the given price is bolted and is affirmed on the blockchain. This implies SwapSpace clients can rapidly and secretly convert digital forms of money or tokens at the best cost in no time.

Is SwapSpace safe or not?

You can quickly and safely convert your cryptocurrencies and tokens in SwapSpace. To keep your funds safe from getting hacked or destroyed, don’t store them on websites. You can perform transactions without providing your private keys and information on the SwapSpace. After the transaction is finished, the exchange service will send the coins to your personnel hardware wallet to ensure safety.

SwapSpace Charges

SwapSpace collects cryptocurrency exchange rates in one place on the screen, allowing customers to differentiate and opt for the best exchange rate on the market. There are no extra charges implied for partner rates.

How to swap cryptocurrency using SwapSpace?

Follow the instructions below to quickly swap your cryptocurrency using SwapSpace:

Choose the cryptocurrency and amount which you want to swap: Utilizing the gadget on the site, select the digital currency that you wish to sell utilizing the drop-down menu. There are more than 300 cryptographic forms of money to browse, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, LINK, and Tezos. When you have entered in the sell sum, pick the cryptographic money you need to buy.

Go for the best rate: SwapSpace will show the list of the accessible rate alternatives from the partner list. The rate which is best out of all will be shown at the top. Pick the best rate from the trade partner. A few trades do expect you to pass the AML/KYC technique.

Enter transaction details: The subsequent stage is to enter the recipient’s location. Ensure that your digital currency equipment wallet can uphold the coin before finishing the exchange. For instance, on the off chance that you need to trade Bitcoin to Ethereum, you should enter your Ethereum address. Not a Bitcoin address or another crypto. Else, you might lose your coins.

Transfer funds: The last advance is to move assets of the digital currency that you wish to trade. When the request is finished, the digital currency will be sent to the gave address. The preparation time can take as long as 1 hour and rely upon the speed of work of SwapSpace’s partners and the absolute heap of blockchain networks.