Islamic State claims responsibility for London Underground train bomb

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a packed London Underground train.

Police continue to hunt for the suspect who planted the improvised bucket bomb on the District Line service at Parsons Green station in west London, which detonated and injured 29 people.

The militant group’s Amaq news agency has claimed it was behind the attack, according to the US-based Site Intelligence.

British Transport Police at Euston Station, London, after a terrorist incident was declared following a blast which sent a “fireball” and a “wall of flame” through a packed London Underground train (Tim Ireland/PA)

Rita Katz, the director of Site, said IS claimed the bombing was the work of a “detachment” rather than simply a “soldier”, which she said implied it was a co-ordinated attack.

Scotland Yard have launched a huge counter-terrorism investigation alongside MI5, while the device is being forensically examined.

Detectives are scouring CCTV and examining witness statements for potential leads.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told LBC radio “there is a manhunt under way as we speak”, while Scotland Yard said detectives are making “fast-time” inquiries to establish who was responsible.

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the “cowardly attack”, saying it involved a device “clearly intended to cause significant harm”.

As Britain faced up to another terrorist incident, following four attacks already this year:

:: The Prime Minister said the terror threat level would remain at severe – meaning an attack is highly likely – but would be kept under review;

:: Images emerged on social media appearing to show wires protruding from a flaming bucket inside a plastic Lidl carrier bag on the floor of a carriage;

:: Reports suggested the device had a timer;

:: A total of 29 patients needed hospital treatment, with a number of those hurt suffering from burns;

:: Scotland Yard and the PM rebuked US President Donald Trump over his claim the Parsons Green Tube bomber was “in the sights” of Scotland Yard.

The terror group has frequently declared that it was behind terrorist incidents in recent years but experts have warned their claims should be treated with caution.

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