Israel Palestine conflict LIVE: More than 700 killed in Gaza as strip is pounded by Israeli warplanes after Netanyahu vowed retaliation against Hamas over shock attack

The footage was captured on a dashboard camera with a timestamp of 7.39am on Saturday morning, less than two hours after the surprise attack was launched.

By Tuesday, Israeli TV channels said the death toll from the Hamas attack had climbed to 900 Israelis, with at least 2,600 injured, and dozens taken captive.

Among the Israeli dead were 270 mostly young people gunned down at a desert music festival, where some of the hostages were abducted.

It is understood the driver was one of the festival-goers attempting to flee, but was shot as they approached a Hamas roadblock.

The video opens with the car speeding down an otherwise abandoned road in southern Israel. One car is seen pulled over, while another is seen tipped on its side.

As the vehicle rounds a bend in the road, dark-clad figures are seen in the distance, prompting the driver to slow the car down. As the car decelerates, one of these figures walks out into the middle of the road and another appears from the bushes down the left-hand-side of the tarmac.

It quickly becomes clear that the two men are armed, and as the car steers to go around the first man, he raises a rifle and opens fire on the vehicle.

Somehow, the driver manages initially to avoid the first two Hamas militants, but as the car steers around them, more fighters appear further down the road.

Suddenly, the windscreen shatters as bullets slam into the car. It continues to roll down the road towards what is now in the footage clearly a Hamas roadblock.

At least four more militants can be seen firing on the car, which veers slowly to the left and eventually comes to a halt when it crashes into the back of another vehicle that is pulled over to the side of the road – suggesting the driver has been shot dead.