Items You Must Stock Up on Before Bringing Home Your New Cat

As you bring a new cat home to foster, you want everything ready and come as easily as possible for the kitten to feel naturally comfortable. For that reason, it is essential to prepare and purchase everything that you may need in advance.

Cats are among the best pets in the world, and like dogs, they are adorable, playful, and independent.

These cute felines also possess unique preferences and personalities. Bringing home a new feline for the first time should push you to prepare the necessary and primary items.

Below are some essential items you must invest on before bringing your cat home:

1. Crate or Carrier

The first essential thing is a crate or carrier for the cat to take home. You must choose a safe and sturdy one with proper ventilation, and it is also essential to have easy access when getting your cat in and out.

The best crate or carrier must be utilized as a sleeper and include a removable mesh door. Only choose an option made of cardboard if it has enough ventilation. For scared felines, consider a sturdy and secure carrier.

2. Calming Spray

Buy a calming spray to make your kitten feel safe inside the carrier.

A comfort zone spray will help soothe and calm your furry pet when going home.

Here is the process of spraying the crate or carrier:

  • Spray it at least 15 minutes before placing your cat
  • Spray the corners, flooring, and ceiling
  • Let it dry before covering the bottom with a soft towel

3. Cat Food

If you can talk to the cart’s last caretaker, giving your new kitten the same food to eat is best. Should you acquire it from a breeder, the usual contract will require or suggest feeding your pet specific food.

For unknown breeds of cats and kittens, here are some tips to consider:

  • Low in starch ingredients
  • Protein source (other than meat)
  • Regulated

4. Water and Food Bowls

Before bringing home a new cat, you must stock up on water and food bowls. It is best to provide your lovely pet with an inviting and clean water bowl. When choosing from the available options, consider the following criteria:

  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Weighted to prevent tipping
  • Convenient to use

If you adopt a small kitten, purchase smaller and shallower bowls. You must clean them daily and place them far from the litter box. Remember that cats want to eat and relieve in different places.

5. Cat Bed

A comfortable cat bed is a perfect spot for your newly arrived feline to rest, play and sleep. Your cat must feel comfortable in its new location and like its home. A high-quality bedstead features the following:

  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Made of sheepskin or memory foam
  • With removable and washable cover

Your little friend must have a soft surface to prevent hurting the joints. You can purchase a soft cat bed, but most cats love sleeping in elevation. With this, you can easily reach your cat from standing positions.

6. Litter Scooper and Litter Box

For any cat owner, the cat litter scooper and litter box are essential when you buy cat supplies, as the litter box serves as your cat’s bathroom. As a responsible owner, clean the box daily with warm water and a cleaning solution (specifically for cat waste).

A litter scooper is also essential and a mighty tool to fix any stool mess quickly during an urgent cleanup. You can find a lightweight plastic scoop, which makes it easier to carry in your bag while traveling.

7. Cat Toys

Cats love playing, and the best bonding time starts when you play with your hairy pet. There are different types of toys specially made for these cute domestic species. To mention a few of them include:

  • Fishing pole
  • Catnip mice
  • Climbing posts
  • Kitty houses
  • Colorful springs
  • Robotic toys and more

Like any other animal, felines also shed hair, so you should clean their toys from fur and keep them playing. You can purchase cleaning solutions specialized for cats from trusted pet stores.

To save money, you may use clean water and soap, which also work fine.

8. Cat Harness and Leash

Many cat owners before do not use a cat harness and leash, but rather than using a collar, a harness is safer and more comfortable for your pet. Harnesses are a great choice to prevent accidents like a cat run over by a vehicle.

Cat harnesses are also easier to wear and take off than ordinary collars.

As a result, you will not spend more time trying to wear it on your cat without hurting your little friend or yourself.  These items come in different colors and styles to choose from, and some come with attached bells to make noise whenever the cat moves.

9. Scratching Posts

Most cats need to scratch, and a quality cat scratching post will help satisfy that urge, so choose one with a durable base to prevent it from tipping. The actual height must be the same for your furry friend to stand and scratch easily.

You can buy an option that can transform into different shapes, which adjust to the needs of your feline. Some cat scratching posts include a catnip rattle ball to make it more fun. If you bring home more cats, buy the exact number of scratching posts for them.

10. Grooming Essentials

As a cat owner, you must buy the necessary grooming essentials. These items will keep your pet clean and happy once you bring it home.

Some of the most common essentials include the following:

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Lint roller
  • Shampoo
  • Nail clippers
  • Pet wipes
  • Toothbrush

If you purchase all the right grooming tools, use them on your beloved feline and learn how they can benefit your new pet at home more.

Keep Your Cat Happy!

The items above will help you understand cats’ demands and the essentials needed before bringing home a new feline. It may be stressful and difficult to decide, but everything will be smoother with the right things to purchase in mind.