Jacinda Arden says only genuine Kiwis should be sent back to New Zealand

Jacinda Arden and Scott Morrison’s joint press conference descends into ugly tit-for-tat over deportation of criminals as Trans-Tasman relationship hits new low

Jacinda Arden and Scott Morrison had an awkward standoff as the New Zealand Prime Minister argued only genuine Kiwis should be sent back home under Peter Dutton’s tough deportation laws.

Speaking at a press conference in Sydney on Friday, Ms Ardern criticized the Coalition’s tough deportation laws on Kiwis. 

Ms Ardern has always argued that people who have lived in a country for 10 years or more shouldn’t be deported after committing a crime. 

‘We have a simple request. Send back genuine Kiwis, do not deport your people and your problems,’ she told Mr Morrison and reporters. 

Mr Morrison shot the Kiwi PM an awkward glance, before responding: ‘We deport non citizens who have committed crimes in Australia.

‘You commit a crime here, you are convicted, once you’ve done your time we send you home.

‘If you’ve committed a crime and you’re not a citizen of Australia then you have no right to stay.’

Mr Morrison said anyone else who ‘doesn’t hold the title of citizen of Australia doesn’t enjoy the rights, entitlements and obligations’ of getting to stay here. 

‘Under my Government’s policies you will not be allowed to remain in Australia,’ he said.  

Ms Ardern went on to criticise Kiwis’ rights in Australia. 

‘They are Australia’s best migrants …but in return, their rights are being eroded,’ she said.

‘Simple rights like assistance from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, even though they pay into the scheme’s levy.’  









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