Jackets That Every Woman Should Wear

A high quality, the warm, roomy jacket is a must to make it through chilly and downright freezing months. The right women’s jacket will carry you through many seasons and situations. There are a few staples that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Don’t forget to check for pockets!

Trench Coat

A trench coat is perfect for rainy days and cold weather. Traditionally they cover your entire body, but more petite women may opt for the shorter versions that have become recently fashionable. The classic, camel color is timeless and can go over any outfit. It even works well in springtime. Whether you go that route or with something more trendy, you’ll be ready to brace the chill while looking hot.

Fur Coat

Beautiful and luxurious, fur coats are always stylish. Faux fur provides an animal-loving, affordable alternative to this item, placing it within reach of all who have the desire to channel their inner movie star. Animal print, neutral color, or even something bold. Oversized and hooded or long, fitted with a collar, there are all sorts of possibilities to let your personal style come through. I personally have a lavender number that comes out when my extra needs to shine a little brighter.

Leather Jacket

You don’t have to be a biker to rock a leather jacket. A little edge and a lot of attitudes. Like fur, leather can be a bit expensive, but it lasts forever. There are also faux leather options available as well. Be sure to consider all of your options including type of leather (or faux), fit, and embellishment. Of course, you can’t go wrong with classic black, but the possibilities are endless.

Puffer Jacket

We’re not talking about the jackets of your childhood. You no longer have to look like a walking marshmallow to reap the benefits of this classic winter style. Quilted parkas and compressible down jackets have that puffy look but slimmed down and packed with warmth and style. Be sure to consider the insulation material, and features like hoods, vents, and pockets. These are the best choice for being outside in the snow or anytime you want to make sure to stay warm and dry. Compressibility and weight are also good to think about if you are in a situation where you may need to take it off and carry it for a while.


Blazers aren’t just for business. You can dress them up or down. Wear them to work to add them to a simple outfit to class up your night on the town. Again, black is a classic choice, but any option will polish off your look with a sense of style and sophistication. Also consider the benefits and differences between open blazers, belted options, single or double-breasted. It will depend on if you want a good everyday professional option or something more attention-grabbing. Of course, they are a more affordable option and no one said you have to stop at one.


Peacoats are classic, yet versatile. They come in different lengths, patterns, and colors. The big buttons and belts make them flattering for all shapes and sizes and will make sure you stay nice and toasty. Traditionally made of wool, you can opt for a more feminine shearling option. Some options still have the buttons but also come with a convenient zipper which can allow for a more laid back look.

All of these outerwear options come in traditional looks for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with having a few statement pieces, but consider keeping a balance when investing in wardrobe pieces to last through the years.