Jamie Elliott takes incredible mark for Collingwood in Anzac Day clash with Essendon: ‘That is as good as it gets!’

  • Jamie Elliott took an incredible mark on Anzac Day 
  • The Collingwood star climbed over Ben McKay to claim the ball 
  • It is an early contender for mark of the season 

Jamie Elliott has put his name in the hat for mark of the year with a spectacular effort for Collingwood against Essendon on Anzac Day.

Midway through the third quarter, Elliott leapt onto the shoulders of Ben McKay to claim the ball at full stretch in one of the greatest marks in the prestigious game’s history. 

He timed his jump to perfection, using the 202cm Bombers star as leverage to get up and take the footy.

His effort was made all the more impressive as he calmly slotted his set shot goal. 

‘What about that for an Anzac Day spectacular! That is as good as it gets. Over the hulking frame of Ben McKay. Wow!’ James Brayshaw said.

‘We’ve seen some big marks at this ground, none bigger than that.’

‘What a massive highlight for everyone watching that was. Just a great football moment,’ Brian Taylor said, comparing Elliott’s mark to former Essendon star Gary Moorcroft’s famous effort. 

‘Andrew Walker a similar one on the opposite side of 50. That was as good as you get. Full climb and full stretch on a bloke who is 2m tall as well,’ Dale Thomas added.

‘When Ben McKay came into the game thinking of Anzac moments, I don’t think he was expecting to end up on a poster.’

Meanwhile, Essendon legend Jobe Watson said: ‘He needed his passport, because he is going international.’

More to follow. 

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