Jason Kelce LOST his Super Bowl ring at New Heights live and fears ‘it is in a landfill site in Cincinnati’ – as Travis calls him ‘such a f***ing imbecile’

Jason Kelce has revealed he lost his Super Bowl ring at his and brother Travis’ New Heights live show last Thursday.

At the event, the Kelce brothers organized a game which saw fans dive into pools while attempting to retrieve two Super Bowl rings – one of which was a replica.

The other, meanwhile, was the actual ring Jason got his hands on after winning Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2018. 

And following the game in Cincinnati, the former Eagles center has been unable to locate it. 

‘This game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring,’ he said on the latest episode of New Heights. ‘And I don’t even know if Travis knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event.’

More to follow. 

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