Jason Kelce’s former Eagles coach admits he was ‘very sad’ after star’s NFL retirement

A former Eagles coach of Jason Kelce’s has admitted to being ‘very sad’ after the ex-NFL star’s retirement, earlier this spring, lamenting that he lost a ‘very close friend and partner.’ 

Jeff Stoutland – Philadelphia’s run game coordinator and offensive line coach – has worked with Kelce for all but the first two years of the 2011 NFL Draft pick as he was hired by the Eagles in 2013. 

Together, Stoutland and Kelce have appeared in two Super Bowl games, winning one of the matchups in 2018 against the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick-led New England Patriots. 

Stoutland, 62, and the former Eagles center were also the masterminds behind Philly’s controversially famous ‘tush push’. 

Speaking at the Eagles’ three-day day training camp on Tuesday, Stoutland said of the 36-year-old Kelce and his decision to retire back in March: ‘I was very happy for him but also very sad because I feel like I lost a very close friend and partner in this whole process.

Jason Kelce’s ‘gave everything he had mentally, physically’ said Eagles OL coach Jeff Stoutland

‘But, very happy for him because it was perfect timing and he maximized… that guy holy smokes… you talk about not leaving anything on the table… he gave everything he had mentally, physically… 

‘I don’t know what else you can ask for from a player… that’s all that anybody in Philly wants.’

Replacing Kelce won’t be an easy task for the Eagles ahead of the upcoming season in the fall, but the team has already prepared for life after the New Heights podcast star by drafting center Dylan McMahon in the sixth-round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Kelce has also checked up on his old teammates this offseason, as he revealed that he still visits the Eagles’ training facility despite hanging up his cleats and pads in March. 

Stoutland worked with Kelce all but for the first two seasons of the ex-Eagles center's career

Stoutland worked with Kelce all but for the first two seasons of the ex-Eagles center’s career

The now-ESPN broadcaster is set to begin his time as an NFL analyst this fall on ‘Monday Night Football.’ 

In May, it was announced that Kelce signed a multiple-year contract with the network.

Kelce and his brother, Travis, are also in talks to potentially bring their podcast to Amazon.

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