Jesse Baird, Luke Davies body discovery LIVE: Rolling updates on NSW Police press conference after grim find in Bungonia after Beau Lamarre-Condon was charged: Watch video

Human remains have been found at a property in Bungonia, south of Sydney, amid the hunt for the bodies of missing TV presenter Jesse Baird and his flight attendant boyfriend Luke Davies.

Beau Lamarre-Condon, who a senior constable in the NSW Police Force, allegedly shot the pair at Baird’s terrace in Paddington, in the inner suburbs of Sydney, last Monday.

Lamarre-Condon allegedly shot the pair with his police Glock pistol.

He handed himself in to police on Thursday and was charged with two counts of murder on Friday, but he refused to tell detectives where the bodies were.

Investigators had been scouring a remote property in Bungonia earlier this week, including several dams, but could not find the bodies.

The remains were uncovered on Tuesday, after police established a second crime scene at another location in Bungonia.

Lamarre-Condon was said to have driven to the area last Wednesday in a rented van with an acquaintance and bought an angle driver and padlock on the way.

He was alleged to have cut through a padlocked gate to access a private road and left the acquaintance for 30 minutes while he allegedly disposed of the bodies.

He then returned to Sydney, but police alleged he bought weights at 11pm that night before driving back to Bungonia again where they allege he may have then moved the bodies to a new location.

The van is alleged to have left the Bungonia area around 4.30am on Thursday in a possible attempt to move the bodies to a new location, say police.