Jet ski wipes out in as surfers revel in the big swell

  • The jet-ski was wiped out after towing a surfer on to the wave 
  • Jet-ski’s are commonly used to tow surfers onto larger swell than normal
  • Tropical Cyclone Cila has created a surfers paradise off of Queensland beaches

A jet-ski towing surfers on to large swell was swallowed up by the waves when the rider misjudged the set he was on and wiped out in spectacular fashion.

The jet-ski is seen towing surfers on to the large swell at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast, a common practice for big wave surfing when it is too difficult for surfers to get out on their own.

The rider suddenly finds himself being turned up by the approaching wave, in the video on 7 News.

He tries to correct and take control of the jet-ski before the nose is dumped under the waves and the jet-ski completely swallowed.  

There were no reports of the jet-ski rider being seriously injured in the incident and wipe outs are considered part and parcel of surfing, especially in big swell like that created by Tropical Cyclone Gita.

Tow-in surfing was made popular in the mid 1990s and Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox, Dave Kalama and others have been credited with pioneering it.  

Tow-in surfing plays a huge role in big wave surfing the world over and has helped surfers achieve rides otherwise thought to be impossible.

Big wave surfer Hugo Vau may have set a new world record for biggest wave successfully surfed after conquering a 35-metre-high wave in Portugal last month. 

If confirmed, he will have beat out the previous record of 23 metres, held by big wave surfer Garrett McNamara and set in 2011 at Praia do Norte in Portugal. 

The jet-ski was hit from the side before nose diving and being swallowed up completely by the wave