Jewish woman is ‘held prisoner and raped’ in France to ‘avenge Palestine’: Suspect sent text to victim’s mother saying ‘I will desecrate your daughter, you will never see her again’

A Jewish woman was allegedly raped and threatened with murder by a man who sought to ‘avenge Palestine’ in France.

A 32-year-old was charged with ‘death threats due to religion’ and use of narcotics following his arrest in Gennevilliers on Sunday.

The victim, said to have met the suspect through a dating application in 2023, claimed she had been trapped in the suspect’s home before counter-terrorism police raided the apartment on avenue Chenard-et-Walker and made the arrest.

Police sources said the suspect had taken the woman’s phone and texted her mother and ex-boyfriend. To her parents he wrote: ‘Good luck, you will never find your daughter again, you will never see her again, I will desecrate your daughter.’

To the former boyfriend he wrote that he wished to ‘avenge Palestine’.

The victim was able to alert police when she recovered her phone on Sunday and called her mother for help, prompting the geolocation of her call and an arrest later that day, initially suspected of kidnapping.

File photo shows French police forces including the Research and Intervention Brigade, who raided the house in Gennevilliers, taking part in counter-terrorism exercises on March 27

The suspect, who has not been named, will be tried in June over the charges against him.

He was initially suspected of kidnapping, but the charge was ultimately not accepted by the prosecution.

The suspect acknowledged the death threats made but described them as mere ‘provocations’, according to BFMTV.

The victim told investigators she had been raped by the suspect.

It was also reported that the man claimed he would ‘prostitute’ the victim in texts to her mother. 

The man was taken into custody in Nanterre and placed under judicial control with a ban on possessing a weapon and coming into contact with the victim, local media reported.

The rape allegation is still reportedly being investigated.

Police custody was lifted on Tuesday, ahead of the trial on June 21 before the 16th criminal chamber.

The case has sparked national outrage in France, drawing strong reactions from politicians.

Elsa Faucillon, Hauts-de-Seine MP, wrote on Twitter/X that she was ‘horrified by this despicable and anti-Semitic act’, sharing ‘solidarity and moved thought for this woman’.

Former Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wrote: ‘Far-left politicians, who for six months have multiplied inflammatory declarations and speeches of unacceptable violence, bear a heavy responsibility in this climate of anti-Semitic hatred. 

‘I provide all my support to the victim and to our Jewish compatriots.’

Meyer Habib drew comparisons to the murder of Sarah Halimi, a Jewish woman killed in her apartment in 2017. The case drew outcry nationwide and sparked mass demonstrations

Meyer Habib drew comparisons to the murder of Sarah Halimi, a Jewish woman killed in her apartment in 2017. The case drew outcry nationwide and sparked mass demonstrations 

Meyer Habib, Deputy of the French National Assembly, wrote: ‘Thank God she managed to escape! As in Toulouse, as for Sarah Halimi and hyperkosher, hatred of Israel kills in France. It is the fuel of anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel is the blade of the Islamist dagger.’

Jewish former kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi was attacked and killed in her Paris apartment in 2017.

Her assailant, Kobili Traoré, a Muslim of Malian origin, chanted verses from the Koran and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he attacked her over a 20-30 minute period.

The case similarly sparked outrage in France and raised fears of a growing trend of anti-Semitism.

‘Sad and worried for the French Jews but above all, as I keep saying, worried for France!’ Habib concluded his post.