Jim Acosta clashes with GOP rep over Larry Elder’s ‘disgusting’ joke about obese liberal women

CNN host Jim Acosta has been accused of a sense of humor failure after clashing with a Republican representative about one of his colleagues’ jokes about obese liberal women.

Acosta snapped: ‘It’s disgusting’ after California Rep Darrel Issa defended prospective California Governor Larry Elder’s comments that Donald Trump had motivated more obese women to lose weight than Michelle Obama. 

Acosta’s outrage came after Elder’s claim – made in jest on his radio show – that Donald Trump had so infuriated many obese liberal women that they’d gotten off the couch to march against his presidency.

Elder’s offending comment – made on his radio show earlier this year – saw him say: ‘When you look at all these women that have marched – something like 2 million women – Donald Trump has probably gotten more obese women off the couch and in the streets, working out than Michelle Obama did in eight years.’

He was referring to the former first lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, which sought to tackle childhood obesity with exercise.   

Acosta said: ‘Right now, the Republican front-runner is an outspoken talk show host named Larry Elder. He’s made disparaging remarks about women.

After sharing the clip, he added: ‘That’s not entertaining. That’s disgusting,’ Acosta interjected. ‘What he said is disgusting.’

‘I appreciate, Jim, your saying it’s disgusting,’ Issa replied, while refusing to condemn Elder. ‘That certainly was by most people’s standards, a quip of a radio talk show person who, like plenty of the famous ones, including Rush Limbaugh, who used various statements from time to time to make a point.

‘In tens of thousands of hours, if that’s the best you have,’ Issa continued, ‘you don’t really have anything on Larry Elder.’

‘Oh there’s lost of other material, as you know, Congressman,’ Acosta shot back. ‘We don’t have time to go through all of it.’

CNN host Jim Acosta clashed with Republican Representative Darrel Issa in an interview on Sunday, when Issa appeared to defend a claim California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder made about Trump doing more for obese women than Michelle Obama 

Elder, 69, has come under fire in recent weeks for comments he has made about women

Elder, 69, has come under fire in recent weeks for comments he has made about women

‘But it sounds as if you’re saying Larry Elder would make a better governor than Gavin Newsom.

‘Is that what you’re saying, is that Larry Elder would make a better governor for the state of California than Gavin Newsom, is that what you’re saying?’ Acosta asked.

‘You know what, there’s 41 people running or 44 people running, and I would suspect the vast majority of them would go in the right direction better than our current governor. No question at all,’ Issa replied.

Issa went on to claim that Newsom’s hypocrisy had ultimately led to the recall, which he predicts the incumbent governor will lose. 

The Representative explained:  ‘He does things like say “You’ve got to wear a mask and stay indoors,’ and then he goes to a $2,000 a plate [dinner]… with no masks, and laughs at everyone as they drink wine indoors.’

Issa was referring to Newsom’s infamous indoor dinner at ultra-exclusive restaurant The French Laundry in November 2020, despite urging Californians not to go to restaurants at the time.  

‘It is in fact a failed administration, one in which the lights are going off every time we have a hot day, we don’t have enough water and we have problems in a state that fundamentally has everything going for it except the people in Sacramento.

‘So the voters will make a decision on it,’ Issa continued, adding: ‘I support the fact that Larry Elder has been a thoughtful spokesperson, but he’s also been a commentator – he’s said a lot of things, but in tens of thousands of hours, you find a few lines, that’s not going to get people to forget that he is a thoughtful conservative who has a lot of great ideas.’  

In the Sunday interview, Issa said Californians have voted for a recall election because they lost faith in current Governor Gavin Newsom (pictured)

In the Sunday interview, Issa said Californians have voted for a recall election because they lost faith in current Governor Gavin Newsom (pictured)

The remarks came as Elder, 69, came under fire for his comments about women over the years.

In a 2002 book, the Washington Post reports, Elder suggested venture capitalists have the right to ‘protect’ their investments by asking women whether they plan to have children before they hire them, and suggested that women who choose to have children are not ‘dedicated’ to their jobs and are unable to give an ‘all-hands-on-deck commitment’ to their jobs.

‘Many businessmen and businesswomen deal with this reality everyday – Will the woman who applies as a sales manager give me enough, steady, committed time on the job to warrant my investment?’

He also suggested that laws like the Family and Medical Leave Act ‘increase the cost of hiring women and the expense is passed on to consumers.’ 

In another passage, the Post reports, Elder went after former acting Massachusetts governor Jane Swift for taking the role after giving birth to twins, writing that: ‘To tell women they can run a state, have family and children and be equally attentive to all- is a lie.’ 

And, the Sacramento Bee, reports, Elder wrote that ‘smart women’ would ‘overlook some boorish behavior by men.

‘Off-color jokes and stupid remarks may be irritating, but a smart woman deals with this,’ he wrote in one of his books. ‘She makes it clear to the speaker that she finds the remark unfunny and inappropriate.’

Elder has also been criticized for a 2000 column in Capitalism Magazine in which he wrote that ‘women know less than men about political issues, economics and current events.’

He has defended some of his claims last week saying the government ‘should not be intruding into the relationship between employer and employee.’

Meanwhile, some of his opponents in the race have slammed him for these remarks.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer tweeted on Wednesday: ‘Every undecided voter – pay attention. These are not California values. These are not Republican, Democrat or independent values.

‘Larry Elder is doubling down on his attacks on working women and California families.’

Caitlyn Jenner, another candidate, also wrote: ‘This is outrageous and speaks volumes about the type of person he is. We need to protect the privacy of all women, not abuse them. 

The Los Angeles Times also published a controversial op-ed – which Elder himself has slammed – branding him ‘the black face of white supremacy.’  

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