Jimmy Carter says Trump will pay the price at the polls for sex with Stormy

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter said he believed President Trump’s alleged bad behavior with women would eventually catch up with him at the polls. 

Carter said he believed Trump’s base will be ‘unshaken’ by the latest revelations, this time by porn star Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, as a number of women came forward before the 2016 presidential election and accused the GOP hopeful of harassment and other misdeeds. 

‘But I think in the long term it will have a deleterious effect on his political standing,’ Carter said in a wide-ranging interview with USA Today. In November, Carter predicted, ‘we’ll see the adverse impact of the revelation of immorality and his violation of his sacred oath before God to be loyal to his wife.’ 

Former President Jimmy Carter said during his book tour that he believed President Trump would eventually pay at the polls for his ‘immorality’ 

So far, however, Trump hasn’t been hurt by the claims that he cheated on wife Melania in 2006 with a Playboy playmate and an adult film actress. 

In CNN’s latest poll, which was released Monday, the president hit his highest approval mark since his first 100 days in office. 

Currently, 42 per cent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing, versus 54 per cent who disapprove. 

The poll was conducted starting on March 22, the day the McDougal interview aired on CNN, and wrapped up Sunday, before the full impact of the Daniels’ interview hit.

Even so, 63 per cent of those polled said they believed the women, while another 21 per cent believe the president’s denials. 

Another recent poll is even more telling on the issue of infidelity. 

Last month, Quinnipiac asked voters if President Trump had been loyal to his spouse throughout his marriage. 

Fixty-six per cent of respondents said he hadn’t, while just 18 per cent believed he had, with another 26 per cent telling pollsters they weren’t sure. 

When just Republicans were asked 44 per cent said they weren’t sure if Trump had been loyal to the first lady, while a slightly smaller percentage – 42 per cent – believed he had been. 

Carter, who served as the nation’s 39th president was speaking about its 45th as part of a book tour for his new tome ‘Faith: A Journey For All.’ 

A devout Christian, the Democratic ex-president’s new book details how faith has impacted his life challenges, and those of the nation as well. 

Trump, for his own part, continues to get evangelical Christian support. 

A number of high-profile Christians, including Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., and conservative pundits, such as Sean Hannity, have simply compared the president to the Bible’s King David, a sinner and adulterer who served a purpose for God. 

‘God has always picked men less than perfect! King David comes to mind. We weren’t selecting a pastor, but someone we knew had the grit to take on the Swamp Creatures & Deep State,’ said Twitter user Gary Ridenour Sunday night, after the Daniels’ interview aired. ‘Choir boys need not apply. What we know now publicly, these people far worse than Trump ever was!’ 

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