Joe Rogan Tells Amanda Knox Trump ‘will probably win’ and she says ‘Biden is not ‘very inspiring’

Joe Rogan tells Amanda Knox that Trump will run and ‘will probably win’ in 2024 and she says ‘Biden is not a very inspiring president’

  • Joe Rogan told Amanda Knox on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that he thinks Donald Trump will run for president and ‘will probably win’ 
  • Rogan insisted that there was no way President Joe Biden could beat anybody as Knox agreed that he’s ‘not very inspiring’
  • The podcaster went on to say that Vice President Kamala Harris also had no chance to win naming her as the most hated vice president in 50 years
  • Trump has previously said that he is ‘100%’ considering running again but has not made any official statements 

Podcaster Joe Rogan welcomed Amanda Knox on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, where he insisted that Donald Trump will try to run for President again and ‘probably win.’

Knox spoke about her famous wrongful conviction when she was accused of murdering her roommate in Italy. She was convicted in 2007 and acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court in 2015. 

She began speaking about Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who she described as ‘the Donald Trump of Italy’ and served as Prime Minister of Italy from 1994 to 2011. 

Knox mentioned the ‘ridiculously long time’ that Berlusconi was in power when Rogan commented ‘that’s probably what Trump wanted too.’ 

Rogan’s reply lead Knox to ask if Trump is going to try to make another bid for the Oval Office. Trump and some of his associates have mentioned another run but the twice-impeached President has not made an official commitment. 

Amanda Knox (right)

Joe Rogan told Amanda Knox that he thinks Donald Trump will make another presidential bid and ‘will probably win’ as Knox agrees President Biden is ‘not very inspiring’

‘Oh yeah. He’s gonna 100 percent try,’ Rogan insisted. ‘He’s probably gonna win. How is Joe Biden gonna win? How is it possible he’s gonna beat anybody?’ 

‘After you’ve seen him speak? After you’ve seen the decay and the decline? How is it possible?’ the comedian questioned. 

Knox agreed that Biden doesn’t seem to have a good shot at another win, calling Biden ‘not very inspiring.’ 

Rogan also slammed the Democratic party.

‘They’ve done a terrible job. The Democrats f*cked up royally by making that guy the President.’

His comments prompted Knox to ask if he thinks that the Democratic party would allow someone else like Vice President Kamala Harris to run instead. But Rogan quickly insisted that ‘she would lose just as badly.’ 

‘She’s the most hated Vice President according to polls. The least liked, I should say, Vice President in 50 years,’ Rogan claimed not citing which polls he is referring to. 

Knox agreed that she ‘wasn’t very excited about her given her history with wrongful convictions.’ 

In April, Trump said that he is ‘100%’ considering running for President in 2024 and said he could tap Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate this time around.

Trump was asked about his 2024 presidential run last week by his former press secretary Sean Spicer but refused to give an official comment. 

‘I will probably not comment on that, but I will tell you I think you will be very happy Sean,’ he said. ‘I think you and a lot of other people that love our country are going to be very happy.’