Joel Cauchi’s final meal before stabbing spree in Bondi Junction: Waitress speaks out about chilling encounter

The knifeman behind a shopping centre stabbing that killed six was captured on CCTV ordering a red chicken curry just hours before the attack.

Queensland man Joel Cauchi was shot dead by police after he stabbed six people to death and injured several others, including a nine-month-old baby girl, at Bondi Junction Westfield shortly at about 3.20pm on Saturday.

Just three hours before the tragedy, CCTV footage captured Cauchi ordering two meals.

The killer was seen ordering a red chicken curry from Bondi Junction’s Saigon Noodle – just one block away from the shopping centre – at 10.01am on Saturday.

He opened his wallet but didn’t pay and then told the worker serving him that he would return before leaving the restaurant.  

He came back to the restaurant at 12.21pm, ordered the same chicken curry, and then paid for it. 

He sat down and spent 15 minutes eating his final meal. 

Rogate Sianipar served Cauchi and told the Daily Telegraph he appeared confused.

‘He came two times. The first time he didn’t bring the money. I took the order. He said I’ll be back again,’ the staff member said. 

 When she saw news break of Cauchi’s horrific stabbing attack she ‘didn’t believe it.’

‘This is the man I served. It was two times he came. I was feeling so lucky,’ she said.

Queensland man Joel Cauchi (pictured left, at the counter) was filmed ordering a curry just hours before the Bondi Junction Westfield stabbing

The revelation comes as amid speculation Cauchi specifically targeted women during the attack. Six people, five women and one man, were killed. 

A nine-month-old baby was among those stabbed and underwent surgery on Saturday night, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb told reporters on Saturday. 

The child’s mother Ash Good was one of those who died, passing her baby onto strangers and begging them to help before she lost consciousness.

The horrific attack only ended after Cauchi was shot by a lone female police officer. 

New South Wales Police are working to piece together Cauchi’s movements before the attack, and said it wasn’t motivated by terrorism. 

He was schizophrenic and police are treating the horrific attack as mental health related.

His distraught family is understood to have frantically contacted police concerned their son was involved in the Bondi attack yesterday, News Corp Australia reports. 

Cauchi (pictured during the attack) killed six shoppers and injured several more, including a nine-month-old baby girl

Cauchi (pictured during the attack) killed six shoppers and injured several more, including a nine-month-old baby girl

‘Let me assure you that we are confident that there is no ongoing risk and we are dealing with one person who is now deceased,’ NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said.

‘The investigation will be ongoing for many, many days but there are elements that we understand at this point in time that don’t indicate (a terrorist attack), but as we move into the investigation, and background this person, his home, vehicle, associates, we will only know at that time.’

Anyone with information about Cauchi or Saturday’s attack has been urged to contact police.

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