Jordan Phillips RIPS Jason Kelce in astonishing attack after Eagles star called for the Bills man to be fined for dirty play: ‘He has a voice because he is on his brother’s podcast – he dishes it out but can’t take it’

Jordan Phillips has launched a scathing attack on Jason Kelce after the Eagles man called the Bills player to be fined after the game on November 26.

Phillips was involved in a couple of scuffles during that game, which the Eagles won 37-34 in overtime, including taking down Cam Jurgens when he had moved offside.

Jason said it was ‘bulls***’ Phillips wasn’t fined for that moment and accused him of ‘trying to hurt’ his teammate Jurgens. 

Now, speaking to WROC TV, Phillips hit back with an astonishing takedown of the older Kelce brother, saying: ‘You look at the tush push, he (Kelce) dives at somebody’s knees every play and tries to roll them up. 

‘So for him to speak on somebody being dirty, I don’t think he has any right or any means to call for a fine when he does a whole bunch of stuff. I just think that’s kind of crazy for him to even mention that.’

Of the play itself, Phillips added; ‘I’m 335 pounds – how am I going to stop regardless? How do I know the ball wasn’t going? 

‘Even if they would have got that play off, it is either them hitting us or us hitting them. You can dish it out, obviously, but can’t take it? That is just soft.’

On Kelce’s wider standing in the NFL, Phillips shot him down and said: ‘He is a well respected guy around the league for whatever reason. 

‘Now he suddenly has a voice because he is on his brother’s podcast but the way he uses his voice, it doesn’t make any sense.’ 

Jason’s brother Travis, whose relationship with Taylor Swift has seen the New Heights podcast reach a new level of fame, will be lying in wait for Phillips this weekend. 

Phillips and the Bills head to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs, last season’s Super Bowl winners, on Sunday afternoon.  

The Bills are currently 6-6 for the season and second in the AFC East but head into Sunday’s game looking to cause further woe for the Chiefs, who lost on Monday night to the Green Bay Packers.