Josh Daicos hits back after ‘complaining’ that AFL players aren’t treated as well as Premier League stars – and reveals what he REALLY meant to say

  • Josh Daicos has hit back at his critics 
  • The Collingwood star complained about AFL facilities 
  • He says his comment was a joke taken out of context 

Josh Daicos has fired back at his critics after he copped a lashing for ‘complaining’ about the way AFL players are treated.

Daicos compared the facilities at footy stars’ disposal compared to that of Premier League players after visiting Ange Postecoglou at Tottenham’s world class training base in the off-season.

On his return to Melbourne, Daicos complained about the ‘disparity in wealth’ between AFL and English football. 

‘It’s quite amazing the disparity in wealth over there,’ he told News Corp.

‘They were telling me that when they are training, and obviously it’s quite cold when they play, they have heaters for the ground to make sure the ground is not frosted.

Josh Daicos has hit back at his critics after complaining about AFL facilities

Daicos met Ange Postecoglou

Saw how Tottenham players were treated

Daicos’ comments come after he visited the UK and got to meet Australian coach Ange Postecoglou at Tottenham

‘And that costs I think $A20,000, so £10,000, just to put it on for the day. And I think they had it on for 40 days straight last year. So we don’t get that sort of treatment.’

Daicos was criticised for his comments, with fans and talkback radio hosts unimpressed, but the 25-year-old has insisted that his remark was a ‘joke’ taken out of context.

‘There’s so much you can pick up from the players, just their professionalism and the way they attack training,’ he said.

‘Ange was amazing, it was an absolute honour to be able to go over there and meet him.

‘It was really disappointing that I think the joke I made got taken out of context. I should’ve probably read the room better.

‘Those who know me know how grateful I am to be in the position I am.

‘And that trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that I’ll always remember and it’s sad to see the narrative be changed.’

Daicos said his comments were taken out of context and that it was a 'joke'

Daicos said his comments were taken out of context and that it was a ‘joke’