Judge asks what a ‘thot is during sex assault trial

Valentin Krzyzyk, 27, is alleged to have lifted up a woman’s skirt and grabbed her bottom in the Cirque le Soir nightclub in London

A puzzled judge had to ask for the definition of a ‘thot’ as a businessman stood accused of groping a woman at a Christmas party.

Valentin Krzyzyk, 27, had spent over £6,000 on Dom Perignon with friends at the Cirque Le Soir club in Soho, central London, when he was alleged to have lifted his victim’s skirt and grabbed her bottom, on December 20 last year.

Krzyzyk, who lives a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, denies inappropriate touching, at Southwark Crown Court.

However, waiter Labinot Citaku told the court Krzyzyk said he thought the woman was a ‘thot.’

He said: ‘I asked him what had happened and he was telling me that a girl came and stole his drinks on his table.

‘He lifted up her skirt, groped her bum and showed her what she should feel like.

‘I don’t know the word – it is what we call a thot, a table w****.’

Judge Michael Bromley-Martin, QC, said: ‘Could we just go back to this thot thing. What was this thot?’

Mr Citaku replied: ‘In clubs I work in girls tend to go onto customers tables to have drinks with them, especially the people that buy a lot of drinks.

‘These are what people call ‘table thots,’ ‘table w*****,’ – where they see lots of drinks going to a table, the girls tend to follow the champagne bottles.’

Judge Bromley-Martin said: ‘They follow the bottles, made easier by the sparklers.’

‘Thot’ is an acronym for ‘That Ho Over There’ and has become more prominent since its recent use by African-American Hip-Hop artists, such as Gucci Mane and Uncle Murda.

Mr Citaku described how customers pay thousands for bottles of champagne and vodka, which are adorned with sparklers and delivered with a song of the customer’s choice.

Businessman Krzyzyk, who lives a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace, denies inappropriate touching, at Southwark Crown Court

Businessman Krzyzyk, who lives a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, denies inappropriate touching, at Southwark Crown Court

Krzyzyk’s barrister Narita Bahra, said to the waiter: ‘I am saying that he never said anything to admit any sort of sexual assault.

‘You are being asked by the police to give a witness statement, so why didn’t you say to police he thought ‘Miss X’ was a table w***?

‘I am going to suggest that he didn’t use ‘thot’, he didn’t use ‘table w****’, he just told you that there had been a woman going to his table and drinking from the champagne bottles.’

The manager of the club, John Common, was alerted after the incident and threw Krzyzyk out of the club.

The alleged sexual assault was reported to the police by the victim on 24 January and Krzyzyk was arrested and taken to Charing Cross police station.

In a separate incident a month later, on January 15 this year, Krzyzyk was humiliated in the street outside a nightclub and was stripped to his underwear by the boyfriend of the victim.

Krzyzyk, who is the founder and CEO of several smartphone apps, was known to be a regular at exclusive London nightclubs and to the waiter who confronted him about the incident.

He studied at the European Business School in Paris before he began working in London in 2013 when he set up his own private concierge company, called Indigo.

He was then asked to work as the personal assistant to a billionaire who had noticed his concierge company, but wanted Krzyzyk to work solely for him, travelling all over the world.

After a year and a half he moved to London to work in finance, dealing in bonds and told the court that spending £5,000 or more was a standard night out.

Krzyzyk said: ‘I drive a very nice car and live in a very nice neighbourhood – I have pictures on my social media of me on yachts, private jets – a lot of people when they see this they might be feeling jealous or they might be feeling that it is unfair.

‘She might have felt it is unfair, that she has to work for one year to make what I spend in a night.’ 

The trial continues.


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