Justin Langer reveals bizarre career move leaving Channel 7 pundits stunned during Australia’s win over Pakistan

  • Justin Langer revealed a bizarre career development 
  • He left his Channel 7 colleagues stunned 
  • Langer says he is a qualified aerobics instructor 

Justin Langer left his Channel 7 punditry colleagues stunned after revealing he is a qualified aerobics instructor.

Langer, 53, was part of Australia’s greatest ever team, playing an integral role alongside Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist in the batting order.

He went on to become a successful coach at international level, taking charge of his home nation before his acrimonious exit last year.

But he has admitted that he has another sporting passion – aerobics instructing.

The Aussie legend, who led the country to an Ashes win, the world No.1 Test ranking, and lifted the T20 World Cup trophy, made the revelation during Channel 7’s coverage of Australia’s Boxing Day Test win over Pakistan.

Justin Langer has made a surprise admission about a bizarre career move

Langer says he is a qualified aerobics instructor, leaving his punditry colleagues stunned

Langer says he is a qualified aerobics instructor, leaving his punditry colleagues stunned

‘It takes me back to the old aerobics heyday,’ Langer said after watching Hassan Ali lead the Bay 13 crowd with some impressive dance moves.

‘Were you into that, back in the day, ‘Alfie’? You had a lot of different fitness regimes,’ Simon Katich asked. 

Langer replied: ‘Aerobics might have been up there. I reckon I might have got my aerobics instructor’s degree at one point — with the leg warmers and the fluro bike pants and the headband’. 

‘Hang on — a degree? An aerobics instructor qualification?’ an astonished Alison Mitchell asked. 

‘Yeah, and my family still remind me of it,’ Langer said, sheepishly. ‘I’d be out there, out the back, taking them through some aerobics’. 

‘That sits along nicely with your black belt in karate,’ Mitchell said.

Katich added: ‘You are a man of extremes, there’s no doubt about that’.

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