Kansas City Chiefs sign Carson Wentz to back Patrick Mahomes up as Andy Reid lands another key addition ahead of shot at historic Super Bowl ‘three-peat’ in the NFL next season

  • Wentz played for the Rams last season and started for the Commanders in 2022
  • The former No 2 overall pick has not lived up to expectations in the NFL thus far
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The Kansas City Chiefs have signed veteran quarterback Carson Wentz to back up Patrick Mahomes ahead of their chance at a historic three-peat this fall and winter. 

Mahomes locking down the Chiefs starting gig is one of the safest bets in football. One play, as Aaron Rodgers knows too well, can change a season. That makes the position of backup quarterback paramount. 

Wentz played for the Rams last season, and was last named a team’s full-time starter in 2022 for the Commanders. 

Wentz also played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2021.  

The former North Dakota State star was drafted No 2 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016 and played for the team through 2020. 

Wentz signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday to back up Patrick Mahomes

Wentz has not lived up to the potential of being drafted in front of everyone not named Jared Goff eight years ago. 

Ever since a Pro Bowl appearance and a second-team All-Pro selection in 2017, his career has gone downhill. 

In 2020, Wentz had the worst season of his professional career, leading the team to eventually bench him in favor of Jalen Hurts. 

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