Karen Webb dumps her new chief spin-doctor Steve Jackson after Bruce Lehrmann Thai masseuse revelations

The NSW Police Force has dumped a former Network Seven producer as it’s senior media advisor following ongoing attention.

Veteran journalist Steve Jackson was announced as the head of the police media unit earlier in March.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said he would take on the role ‘temporarily’, pending another process before a permanent appointment.

However, police released a statement on Thursday afternoon to say the decision had been reversed.

‘The NSW Police Force has ceased the temporary appointment for the role of the Executive Director, Public Affairs Branch,’ the statement read.

‘To best serve the interests of the NSW Police and community, the Executive Director, Public Affairs Branch needs to be able to fulfill the duties of the role free from external distractions and ongoing media attention.’

‘The current arrangements for the role will continue for the time being.’

The change of heart appears to stems from the intense publicity surrounding his role in a bizarre saga involving another former Network Seven producer, Taylor Auerbach, and Bruce Lehrmann.

Veteran journalist Steve Jackson (pictured) was announced as the head of the police media unit 

Previous reports alleged Mr Auerbach used a Seven West credit card to book two $1000 Thai massages – one for him and one for Mr Lehrmann – in the early hours of November 26, 2022.

The late-night meeting was said to have taken place during negotiations for Mr Lehrmann’s exclusive interviews on the network’s flagship current affairs program, Spotlight, which aired in June and August last year.

It is understood Mr Auerbach used the corporate card without the knowledge of key Spotlight staff. Text messages later emerged showing a senior producer, Mr Jackson, allegedly guiding Mr Auerbach on how to reverse the massage transaction.

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