Kate Middleton royal baby LIVE: Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a son 

‘Thrice the worry’, jokes Prince William

Now, it’s time to go home

Meet the new little Prince!

And here he is! Wills and Kate introduce the world to their new addition

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have posed on the steps of the hospital with their new son.

Soooo cute! Prince George and Princess Charlotte wave to adoring crowd

Princess Charlotte and her older brother George melted hearts today when they arrived at the Lindo Wing with their father.

Charlotte continued to wave to the crowd as she made her way up the steps at the famous hospital to meet her new brother for the first time. 

The Duke of Cambridge heads to Kensington Palace to tell his children they have a new brother

Fans from all over the world flock to Buckingham Palace

David Janzen, visiting the UK from Edmonton, Canada, was among those who gathered outside Buckingham Palace on Monday afternoon.

The 62-year-old said: ‘I was watching the news earlier and saw the announcement, so my wife and I decided to come down to Buckingham Palace and see it all happen.

Alain Ritzenthaler, from France, said the announcement was very different to his home country and added: ‘We don’t have a royal family like this, so it’s exciting to see.’

Prince William tells fans he is going to be ‘back in a minute’

The Duke of Cambridge waved to adoring fans and told them he was going to be ‘back in a minute’.

He spoke to the crowd outside the Lindo Wing and got into a Range Rover and drove off.  

Huge Union Flag is raised over Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey congratulates the royal couple

New son is the biggest royal baby to be born in more than 100 years

The new baby Prince of Cambridge weighed 8lb 7oz – heavier than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte, at 8lb 3oz, weighed slightly less than George’s 8lb 6oz – but was still above average.

The average weight of a baby in the UK is around 7lb 7oz (3.5 kg).

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Royal fans joke about Meghan Markle hearing the baby news

People on Twitter didn’t even know the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant

Flags on UK Government Buildings will fly at full mast tomorrow in celebration of the birth

What’s in a name? Public expect couple to give their son a ‘traditional name’

Arthur, Albert and James are the bookies’ favourites and it seems the public expect the royal couple to give their baby son a traditional name.

Punters have put a flurry of bets on those names and feel they will use the name to pay tribute to previous members of the Royal Family.

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Archbishop of Canterbury congratulates the royal couple

Easel is unveiled outside Buckingham Palace

The easel was unveiled outside Buckingham Palace just after 2.30pm.

Two women carried the notice and placed it outside the world-famous Palace.

It stated that the royal baby was born at 11.01am and added that both the boy and Kate were ‘doing well’. 

Traditional announcement will go on display this afternoon

A ceremonial easel will be placed outside Buckingham Palace to announce the birth of the royal baby.

Another couple celebrate the birth of their baby at the Lindo Wing

A couple posed with their newborn baby outside the Lindo Wing on the same day the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second son.

The couple posed with their newborn baby outside the Lindo Wing on St George’s Day

Proud auntie Pippa smiles as she heads to the gym

Mother-to-be Pippa Middleton looked as if she had good news on her mind this morning as she headed to the gym in Chelsea.

Pippa, who is pregnant, looked pleased after her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby son on Monday morning. 

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Pippa Middleton goes to the gym in London this morning while her sister Kate gives birth

People wait outside Buckingham Palace for the announcement

David Walliams jokes that Harry has been ‘demoted’

Sadiq Khan congratulates the Duke and Duchess

Royal super fans pop open champagne

Royal fanatics, who had been camped outside the hospital wing for several days in anticipation, jumped for joy and popped open champagne.

‘We’re going to celebrate with fish and chips!’ said John Loughrey, who was wearing a Union Jack hat and clutching a plastic doll with a crown.

Maria Scott, 46, a housewife from Newcastle in northeast England, has been in place for 15 days.

‘It’s really important to show support because they need to know how much they are loved by the people,’ she told AFP.

‘We’re very proud of our monarchy.’

Celebrities celebrate royal baby birth

HMS Albion congratulate the new parents

Theresa May congratulates the Duke and Duchess

Will Kate still go to the royal wedding?

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be attending but, with her baby son only a few weeks’ old, she is not likely to stay for the entire celebration which will stretch into the evening and probably the early hours.

Her attendance is likely to depend on how she is feeling and how the baby is feeding.

When around one month old, the baby prince will be able to coo, gurgle and hum to express feelings, will have fully developed hearing and be able to focus a bit better but still only see around 30cm.

‘I bet they’re gutted they called their first born George!’

Royal fans took to Twitter after the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth on St George’s Day.

Some said the couple must be ‘gutted’ because they have already named their first son George.

Duchess expected to return to Kensington Palace in a few hours

The duchess will be expected to head home to the sanctuary of Kensington Palace in a few hours, just as she did with Charlotte in 2015 – but not before introducing the new royal baby to world on the steps of the Lindo Wing.

George and Charlotte might even visit the hospital to see their mother and baby sibling, just as George did when his younger sister was born three years ago.

Cheers on Loose Women as the Prince’s arrival is announced

Celebrations outside the Lindo Wing

The royal baby is born on St George’s day

The royal baby has been born on patriotic St George’s Day, which celebrates the patron saint of England.

St George is heralded for his honour, bravery and gallantry.

Surrounded by myth, one legend tells of St George’s slaying of a dragon.

New prince is Kate’s heaviest baby

The new baby Prince of Cambridge weighed 8lb 7oz – heavier than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte, at 8lb 3oz, weighed slightly less than George’s 8lb 6oz – but was still above average.

The average weight of a baby in the UK is around 7lb 7oz (3.5 kg).

All of three of the Duchess of Cambridge’s children have weighed more than 8lbs.
But the new prince is not the heaviest royal baby in recent years.

That title falls to Savannah Phillips – the daughter of the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips – who weighed 8lb 8oz in 2010.

Announcement made by unofficial town crier

The same man who announced the arrival of Prince George and Princess Charlotte has just heralded the birth of the new prince.

Excitement over the arrival of a baby boy

The Queen ‘delighted’ about the new arrival

Kensington Palace announce arrival of a baby boy

It’s a boy!

It’s official – the Duchess of Cambridge has had a boy, her second son and third child. 

How did William and Harry meet for the first time?

More than 30 years earlier, two-year-old William held hands with his father, the Prince of Wales, as he entered the hospital in Paddington, London, to see his mother, the Princess of Wales, and one-day-old Prince Harry early on September 16, 1984.

The newspapers at the time reported how William, who was dressed in red shorts, a white shirt with red embroidery, white ankle socks and traditional leather bar shoes, ran down the corridor into Diana’s arms as she called his name.

He was said to be ‘very, very excited about seeing his new brother’.

The introduction was judged a success, with William holding baby Harry’s hand as he lay in his cot.

He spent 20 minutes at the hospital before waving to the crowds as he was taken home by his nanny, Barbara Barnes.

You are no longer the baby of the family Charlotte! How to handle the tricky introduction

While four-year-old George has already experienced adjusting to a sibling, it will be Charlotte, who is nearly three, who will need to get used to no longer being the baby of the family.

Parenting site madeformums.com offers advice on ensuring first meetings go well.

‘Make sure you are not holding the new baby when your toddler first sees you after the birth,’ it said.

‘Give your toddler a big hug first, then introduce her to the new baby after a few minutes.

‘Buying a present for the new baby to give to his or her older sibling may help.’

When will Prince George and Princess Charlotte visit?

Prince George and Princess Charlotte could pay a visit to the Lindo Wing to meet their new baby sibling when he or she arrives – if the Cambridges keep up with tradition.

George visited newborn Charlotte a few hours after she was born in 2015, arriving with his father, the Duke of Cambridge.

The 21-month-old slightly nervous looking youngster was carried up the steps to the private hospital by William, and gave the crowds a small wave.

George, dressed in blue shorts, a white collared shirt, a blue pullover, long blue socks and black bar shoes, was given a reassuring a kiss on the forehead by the duke.

Royal baby trending on Twitter

The arrival of the newest royal has hit the second spot on Twitter’s trending list, just below St. George’s Day and ahead of Shakespeare’s birthday.

Prince William hints the royal baby could be a boy

Prince William has implied that the new arrival could be a baby boy, after saying he would like to name the baby after football player Jack Grealish.

After cheering for Aston Villa on Tuesday, William said: ‘I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack,’ and then added ‘… or Jackie’, reports The Mirror.

Kensington Palace share picture of press outside the Lindo Wing

Late bets in for the baby’s name to be Isabella or Alfred

A number of late bets have come for Isabella and Alfred, both 33/1, which now stand as the most expensive choices for Betway, while Arthur and Alice would also be a good result for the punters after a fortnight of sustained backing at 4/1.

Mary was fancied throughout February, touching 3/1 at one point, but it appears she’s no longer at the top of Kate & Wills’ list at 10/1, while the betting site also cut Elizabeth and Albert to 8/1 from 12/1 over the weekend.

One fan shows his painting of the Duchess on a donkey

An excited fan posed for pictures with his artwork, which appeared to show Kate riding on a donkey while holding the new baby.

Also on the animal is Princess Charlotte, with Prince George walking behind and Prince William leading the donkey on.

One man holds his artwork outside the Lindo Wing

Where is Prince William?

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly went into the hospital with Kate, but he won’t be able to be in the birthing room with his wife due to royal protocol.

The protocol also means the Prince won’t be the first person to know about the birth, as the Queen must be the first informed about the new arrival, reports The Express.

Royal fan delighted after camping outside for 15 days

John Loughrey, 63, from Streatham, south London, is part of a group who have been camped outside the hospital.

He said: ‘We are so pleased. We have been here for 15 days.

‘I’m so pleased it’s St George’s Day. St George himself would be very pleased if the baby’s born today.’

Royal fan John Loughrey (right) has said that he will celebrate the birth of Kate’s third child by eating fish and chips

Is Kate about to come out? Stylist pictured leaving the Lindo

Natasha Archer, the Duchess of Cambridge’s stylist, was pictured leaving the Lindo on Monday morning, MailOnline reports.

It has fuelled speculation that Kate, 36, will come out soon. 

Kate’s stylist Natasha Archer was photographed leaving St Mary’s Hospital on Monday morning

Royal baby could share a birthday with William Shakespeare

‘She doesn’t tend to hang around’, says Royal Correspondent

New parents leave the hospital

New parents are pictured leaving the hospital in Paddington carrying their new arrival.

The pair stepped outside the Lindo Wing to find themselves surrounded by cameras waiting for news of the Royal baby.

A couple pose for a photo with their newborn baby as they leave the Lindo Wing

How much does it cost to give birth at the Lindo Wing?

A standard room at the Lindo Wing would cost parents £5,900, while a deluxe room starts at £6,275.

Mothers who have previously had a baby at the Wing are given a 10 per cent reduction on the standard delivery package. 

The price for a stay in one of the unit’s suites, where Kate is likely to give birth, is available on request, but it thought to be closer to £7,500.

Royal fans pose for pictures outside the Lindo wing

Royal fans have gathered outside the Lindo Wing, where they have bizarrely posed holding two baby dolls with tiaras on their head. They are among a crowd of die hard fans who have camped outside for the birth.

Royal fans John Loughrey (right) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing

How the world’s media reacted to the news of Kate going into labour

Royal baby’s arrival to be announced on an easel

A brief formal announcement – on foolscap-sized paper set in a dark wooden frame – will be placed on an ornate golden easel on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

The age-old traditional notice used to be hand-written, however it is now typed.

It will also be signed at the hospital by the doctors who tended to the Duchess of Cambridge, and then ferried back to the Palace by car.

Duchess of Cambridge admitted to hospital ‘just before 6am’

It is believed the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Lindo Wing just before 6am this morning.

Kate was admitted to the hospital around the same time when she gave birth to Princess Charlotte in 2015. 

Royal fans expect a quick delivery of Kate’s third child

Fans are gathering outside the Lindo Wing as the ‘Great Kate Wait’ continues on Monday morning.

They are said to be expecting a swift delivery with some mothers claiming to have a quicker birth with their child.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth 10-and-a-half hours after going into labour with George, while Charlotte was born two hours and 34 minutes after Kate arrived at St Mary’s Hospital in May 2015. 

Royal fan Terry Hutt (right) waiting for the birth of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, outside the Lindo Wing Royal fans John Loughrey (left) and Terry Hutt hold dolls outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington

Royal fans continue to post hilarious memes after Kate goes into Labour

Alice is now joint favourite with Arthur to be the Royal Baby name

Ladbrokes have slashed the odds of Alice being the Royal Baby name of choice.

Punters have piled into Alice, and the female name now finds itself as the joint favourite with Arthur at 5/1 – odds cut cut from 7/1 this morning.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: ‘It’s the A-Team leading the way currently with Alice and Arthur the joint favourites to be the moniker Kate and Wills opt for.’

Duchess of Cambridge being cared for by royal doctors

Kate Middleton is being looked after by consultant obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston, who is the surgeon-gynaecologist to the household.

Consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing, the Queen’s surgeon-gynaecologist, is also on hand and was part of the trusted team who delivered George and Charlotte.

Highly-trained midwives are also at the Lindo Wing and experts will be waiting in the wings in case of an emergency. 

A night at the Lindo Wing costs £7,500

A one-night stay and delivery package at the private Lindo Wing costs £7,500.

The fee includes a suite of two rooms but excludes consultants’ fees.

A police officer stands guard outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, London, on Monday morning

Media to descend on Lindo Wing as barriers open to the Press

Press pens for journalists, photographers and camera crews have been opened up in front of the private Lindo Wing to allow the world’s media to report on the impending royal birth.

Kate went on maternity leave on March 22 and parking restrictions notices and barriers were put in place in front of the Lindo Wing on April 9.

Photographers have had their camera bags packed and ladders at the ready since then, waiting for the announcement that Kate had been admitted.

Kate faced severe morning sickness again during pregnancy

The 36-year-old battled through morning sickness to carry out a significant number of engagements while pregnant.

At the start of all three of her pregnancies, Kate has suffered from the same condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

During January, Kate attended a string of official engagements and also travelled with William to Norway and Sweden for an official visit.

Royal fans gather outside Lindo Wing

Fans are gathering outside the Lindo Wing on Monday morning after it was announced the Duchess of Cambridge is in labour.

Dressed in Union Jack outfits, well wishers were seen outside St Mary’s Hospital in London to show their support. 

Royal fans outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, London, where the The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted People dressed in Union Jack costumes were seen outside the hospital on Monday morning

New royal baby will be sixth great-grandchild for the Queen

The new Prince or Princess of Cambridge will be born fifth in line to the throne.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child – a younger sibling to Prince George and Princess Charlotte – will be the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s sixth great-grandchild.

They will also be a great-great-great-great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria.

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Kate is 10/11 to give birth to little boy

The mother-of-two is 10/11 to give birth a little boy at the Lindo Wing.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes are also offering even money on their third child being a girl. 

Meanwhile, Arthur (5/1), Mary (6/1), Alice (7/1) and James (8/1) currently lead the way as the favourites to be the moniker of choice. 

‘What could be more British?’ Kate goes into labour on St George’s Day

Royal fans were quick to point out the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour on St George’s Day.

‘The internet is going to break’: Fans react to Kate’s labour news

Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour

Kensington Palace today announced that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour.

In a tweet at 8.22am, Kensington Palace said she travelled ‘by car’ to St Mary’s Hospital with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge. 

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