Kevin Durant labels Boomers icon Patty Mills a ‘flat out legend’ and ‘up there with the best’ as Aussie is waived by Atlanta ahead of Paris Olympics

  • Mills has been left without a club ahead of the Paris Games 
  • Will line up against Durant at the Olympics 
  • Received high praise from his former teammate 

Australian basketball great Patty Mills may have been cruelly cut from the NBA just months out from the Olympics, but he has received praise of the highest order from one of the game’s best players. 

Mills was waived by the Atlanta Hawks a day before the NBA’s March 1 buyout deadline, leaving him free to play for another NBA club but left without a club at a crucial time ahead of the Paris Games.

However he has received a glowing endorsement from Team USA superstar Kevin Durant, his former teammate at Brooklyn, who he will lock horns with in Paris. 

When asked what impact Mills had on both the NBA and the international game earlier this week, Durant replied: ‘Just a flat out legend for the Boomers’.

‘He has been a constant for that program since I’ve been in the league.

‘They play with such a toughness and you know that comes from their best player which is Patty.’

Mills and Durant have played with and against each other on a number of occasions and the Team USA champion has great respect for the Aussie

Mills is looking for a new club ahead of the Olympics

Durant shares a moment with Mills at the medal ceremony at the Tokyo Olympics

Mills in action for the Boomers and sharing a moment with Durant during the medal ceremony at the Tokyo Olympics

‘Then having an opportunity to play with Patty for two years at Brooklyn I see why he’s become such a legend over there,’ Durant continued.

‘He’s so passionate about where he’s from, he’s so passionate about the culture itself and basketball.

‘And he’s an extremely hard worker whose journey should be spoken about with some of the best.

‘He continues to push the game forward man and inspire a lot of people. And that’s what I love about this game.’

Joe Ingles and Patty Mills share an emotional moment after securing Australia's first ever Olympic medal at the Tokyo games

Joe Ingles and Patty Mills share an emotional moment after securing Australia’s first ever Olympic medal at the Tokyo games

Mills famously led the Australian Boomers to their only victory over the all-conquering USA team at Marvel Stadium in 2019 with a 30-point outburst.

The Boomers would famoulsy go on to claim a maiden Olympics bronze medal at the Tokyo Games following the 98-94 win over

Australian basketball legend, Andrew Gaze, said the win would ‘shock the world’.

‘This really is amazing,’ Gaze said on SBS’s coverage.

‘What a statement from the Boomers’

Mills next move remains unknown.

It is likely that a championship contender in the NBA will pick him up late as a three-point specialist heading into the playoffs.

Meanwhile former Boomers champion Chris Anstey has called on Mills to play in Europe.

‘This could be a really interesting few months for Patty Mills,’ Anstey said on social media platform X.

‘Taking a high level, high opportunity European contract to finish the European season could be the best preparation for his final Olympic Games.’

Mills has previously expressed his desire to finish his career in the Australian NBL. However the NBL is currently in its finals series and will not re-commence until late 2024.