Key SEO tips for business online

Nowadays, there is a big buzz about SEO which is the practice of implementing those advices given by experts to rank your website higher at search results. We piled some tips from several leading experts in the industry.

Many people might start telling you how it is very important to get backlinks from other sites. Yes, that is very important. However, before you get into that stage, there are several crucial things that you need to do on your website.

Page speed of your site

The sites that rank well usually load on the browser very quickly. So, we strongly advise you to remove anything which slows down your website.

Good content plays a key role

Yes, that is not possibly the first time you heard. You need good content written for readers, not for search engines. Don’t write just to write. Ensure, you provide something useful and your visitors can spend time on your website to read.

Use the keywords but don’t force

Knowing the key terms that your audience might be searching helps to write fruitfully. You will want to use some of these keywords naturally. But, never force them into your content to look weird. And don’t keep repeating the keywords.

Get backlinks from trustworthy websites

Try to get those referring links from good websites. You might have colleagues or friends in your network who would endorse your website by linking to it. Or, you can get naturally backlinks by creating a useful content or guide on your site.

Meta titles & descriptions

Yes, they are still valid and useful. Try to write them carefully for search engines but mostly for searchers as they are the first things that people see about your website. Make sure they attract their attention.

Technical checks of your site

Ensure your website doesn’t use elements which make it difficult to crawl for search engines. Using elements like frames or javascripts can make it very tricky for Google bots to understand your content. Also make sure you don’t have many coding issues on your website. Such issues will reflect unprofessionalism and Google will detect that.

Images versus text

Nowadays, we all got used to explain things in big images. We almost forgot to use texts. Most sites have huge flashy images rather than readable content. But they don’t realize that Google can read only textual content.

Go international

Most websites don’t realize the potential of international SEO. They all think it will be challenging in other languages. But, in actual fact, it doesn’t take that much time and effort. You need to localize your content and maybe send a few press releases to the local media and wait. Sometimes that is more than enough.

Fabi Gulgonul from an international SEO agency tells that most of his clients were shocked how much easier to get better ranking in other non-English markets easier than English ones. They run other local SEO sites like Polish SEO agency which offers Polish link building for global clients.

Update your website

Regular update of your content is also a key element. Websites which were left idle will never impress Google. Try to add useful content at least on a weekly basis.

Follow industry experts and news

Also keep in mind that SEO is a very dynamic field. Things change many times in a year. So, read the blogs of trusted SEO news providers like SeoMoz and make the necessary changes on your website when needed.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get better rankings. Please leave us your comments if you want to add anything more to that list.