K’gari dingo attack: Two tourists bitten by wild canines on Queensland holiday island

Two tourists have been bitten by wild dingoes in separate attacks on a popular Queensland island.

An 18-year-old woman was mauled on the back of her leg by a tagged dingo on K’gari in Queensland, at 3pm on Saturday.

It is understood the woman was attacked as she made her way to Lake Wabby on the island. 

In the second attack, a person was mouthed or nipped by a dingo on the beachfront near Dilli Village, about 8pm on Saturday.

It has been confirmed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service both of the tourists were part of tour groups.

The 18-year-old woman was treated for puncture wounds around her left knee.

It is unclear what injuries the person attacked on Saturday night has.

Rangers were trying to contact the people on Sunday morning and identify both of the dingoes who attacked the tourists.

At the Lake Wabby entrance, dangerous dingo signs were installed Sunday morning. 

Rangers will also increase patrols in the areas of the attacks.

Visitors to K’Gari are reminded to be vigilant at all times as the dingo breeding season starts.

Tourists are warned to keep children under constant supervision. 

In a QPWS statement it is said the service carries out education and compliance activities on K’Gari throughout the year.

Rangers maintain fences at the multiple camping sites around the Orchid Beach township and also do daily patrols of the island.  

QPWS also respond to human-dingo interactions on a case-case basis.

More to come.

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