Kid Rock is blasted after saying Israel should kill ‘40,000 civilians at a time’ if Hamas don’t hand over hostages in Gaza in unhinged appearance on Joe Rogan

Controversial pop-culture figure Kid Rock said during a conversation with Joe Rogan last week that he endorses the idea of Israel killing ’30-40 thousand’ Palestinians at a time if the Israeli hostages are not soon returned.

During an appearance on Rogan’s immensely popular podcast, Kid Rock, a musician and more recently pseudo-political figure shared his wartime philosophy with the host and audience:

‘Only wars we won were f**king ones where we were the most brutal motherf***ers on the planet,’ he said. ‘Which, I don’t disagree with what Israel is doing.’

‘It’s like, they should just go in there and be like, you know what? We want our hostages back. If we don’t have them back, clock starts now,’ he said, sharing his idea for how the IDF should proceed with the challenge of ensuring the return of the remaining 134 hostages.

He continued the profanity-laden tirade: ‘And f**king 24 hours, we’re going to start bombing motherf***ers and killing f**king civilians, thirty-, forty-thousand a f**king time. So you civilians better f**king pack up and f**king get these f**king motherf***ers. And you go against Hamas. You f**king go against them. We’re not playing f**king games with you.’

More than once during the segment, Rogan pushed back against Rock’s outlandish claims about how wars should be fought.

‘You’re not supposed to pick civilian targets,’ he said. ‘That’s actually a war crime.’

‘You can’t fight war like that!’ said Kid Rock.

‘But you’re not supposed to pick civilian targets,’ Rogan reiterated.

In the months since the outbreak of the ongoing conflict in the region, Rogan has many times criticized the actions of radical Palestinian terrorists in Gaza who are still holding hostage more than 100 innocent Israelis taken captive during the murderous assault on October 7.

During the conversation, Rock pointed to the the frequently presented point that Hamas ‘hides behind civilian targets.’

Rogan agreed, but added that ‘if you’re a person who’s born in Palestine, you’re f**ked. You’re under their (Hamas’) control. It’s not your fault.’

Rock agreed, saying those people are ‘f**ked … by birth.’

‘Those aren’t our enemy,’ said Rogan, again suggesting that civilians should not be targets. 

Musician Kid Rock told Joe Rogan that Israel should wipe out tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians if the hostages aren’t returned

More than once during the segment, Rogan pushed back against Rock's outlandish sentiments

More than once during the segment, Rogan pushed back against Rock’s outlandish sentiments

Critics online were quick to target Rock for his radical position, and Rogan for giving Rock a platform.

‘This is revealing. Firstly, Joe Rogan very nonchalantly platforms this pro-genocidal screed from said pop influencer, effectively mainstreaming ethnic cleansing & crimes against humanity in #Gaza. 

‘Secondly, Kid Rock outs himself as a genocidal maniac. Neither Rogan nor Rock would ever be censored for this depraved celebrity circle jerk. These two showed themselves alright…’ wrote pro-Palestinian journalist Patrick Henningsen.

Journalist Whitney Webb shared similar sentiments, though also failed to acknowledge the moments during the interview when Rogan did push back.

‘Kid Rock evolved into Neocon Rock. Insane that the country’s most popular podcast platformed these comments with no pushback,’ she wrote.

‘Yikes. Kid Rock says Israel should kill civilians in Gaza by “30-40,000” if hostages aren’t released in 24 hours,’ wrote popular X news account Breaking911.

Other called the rant ‘unhinged’ and ‘extreme.’