Kids arrested after they ran into a movie theater firing fake guns

  • Police were called to the Majestic Movie Theater in Connecticut on Sunday night
  • Witnesses said the juveniles ran in the theater and fired cap guns before fleeing 
  • The suspects were arrested near the theater shortly after and charged with breach of peace, conspiracy and reckless endangerment

Five kids between ages 10 and 16 have been arrested after they allegedly ran into a Connecticut movie theater and terrorized people with fake guns.

Police were called to the Majestic Movie Theater in Stamford on Sunday at around 8pm with reports that one girl and four boys had entered the theater with guns and threatening patrons.

The juveniles ran inside and yelled: ‘Everyone get their hands up!’, according to witnesses. They then fired their weapons which turned out to be cap guns.  

Police say one girl and four boys aged 10 to 16 have been arrested after they ran into the Majestic Movie Theater in Stamford on Sunday and fired cap guns

When police arrived at the scene the suspects had fled, but officers found four of them up the street from the theater and two of them still had the fake guns in their clothes.

A fifth suspect was also found nearby and a cap gun was found not far from him. 

All of the suspects have been charged with breach of peace and conspiracy and the three who fired the cap guns are also facing reckless endangerment charges.

Police say all the children are residents of Stamford. 

They added that movie goers were shaken up from the incident and thanked them for their cooperation.