Kindergarten teacher dissects a pig in front of children

  • A kindergarten principal held pig’s organs in front of pupils in Enshi, China 
  • He claimed the parents had been informed and they had approved the idea
  • Hundreds of children could be see standing on the playground feeling excited
  • A video of the scene has caused controversy with both critics and supporters

A kindergarten teacher in China has reportedly demonstrated how to dissect a pig to hundreds of young children.

Xiang Hongmao, the principal of Fuwawa kindergarten in Enshi, held the pig’s organs in front of 600 pupils in his school to teach them about anatomy on January 19, according to footage and pictures from Chinese media.

According to Pear Video, Mr Xiang said what the pupils saw and learnt that day would be ‘stored in their head’ and lay a foundation for their future life.  

Xiang Hongmao (right) is the principal of the Fuwawa kindergarten in Enshi, China

Xiang Hongmao (right), the principal of a kindergarten in China, demonstrated how to dissect a pig on a playground in front of hundreds of young children who study in his school 

Mr Xiang also hoped the lesson would let the children feel the atmosphere of the upcoming Lunar New Year, because the locals often butcher pigs for the occasion to prepare for family meals, reported Chinese news site Kan Kan News. 

Footage shows the children were excited while watching the dissection on a playground. They were also seen applauding. 

Apparently, the principal did not consider the lesson inappropriate.

He reportedly explained that he had deliberately avoided the ‘gruesome’ scenes of killing a pig, instead he had only brought ‘a clean dead pig’ to the school, said Kan Kan News.

The school teacher said he had informed the parents beforehand and received support

The school teacher said he had informed the parents beforehand and received support

The teacher also claimed that he had informed the parents about the activity beforehand and the parents had apparently welcomed the suggestion. 

The video has sparked an outcry on Chinese social media. Many people claimed the lesson was too bloody and could affect the pupils’ mental health.

However, some people argued that the lesson could help toughen up the children.