Kmart Australia selling chocolate fountain for $20 fondue-style desserts Christmas party centrepiece

Just in time for Christmas parties! Foodies are thrilled as Kmart launches a mini $20 chocolate FOUNTAIN across all stores

  • Kmart has just revealed it is selling a chocolate fountain for an affordable $20 
  • The device is perfect for creating a stunning centre piece at any stylish function 
  • The appliance can be used for dipping strawberries, marshmallows and bananas 

Kmart has launched a mini chocolate fountain in all stores just in time for summer dinner parties – and it costs just $20.

The ‘chocolate lovers dream’, which heats the chocolate to create a cascading flow, is perfect for those wanting to wow with a stunning centrepiece this Christmas.

The item, ideal for fondue-style desserts, can be used for dipping strawberries, marshmallows and bananas or even biscotti.

Kmart’s device comes in a stylish shade of red and features a three-tier design and temperature control. 

One keen shopper recently took to Instagram to share a snap of the chocolate fountain (pictured) for sale for $20 at her local outlet

The item is perfect for fondue-style desserts

The item is perfect for fondue-style desserts

‘This chocolate fountain is a must-have when it’s dessert time,’ reads a statement about the gadget on Kmart’s site.

While the gadget is simple enough to use, there are some rules to follow to ensure a free-flowing chocolate river.

According to, the device should always be pre-heated.

‘If the room is cold, the metal bowl and tiers will also be cold and when the chocolate is poured in, it can harden and not flow properly.’ 

What sorts of foods can be dipped in a chocolate fountain? 

Pieces of brownie slice




Mini Dougnuts



Dried Fruit

In addition to pre-heating the device, some recommend adding oil to the chocolate to ensure the consistency is thin enough for dipping.

The Good Hearted Woman, a US-based food blogger, said when she prepares chocolate for her fountain she will use coconut oil to thin.

‘A ratio of one teaspoon of coconut oil per cup of semi-sweet morsels works perfectly and tastes delicious,’ she said.

Her other suggestion for creating the perfect dipping chocolate is to heat the chocolate first with the coconut oil in the microwave before adding to the pre-heated device.

‘Even if your fountain has an internal heating element (most do) do not attempt to melt your chocolate in the fountain.

‘Heat your chocolate together with your coconut oil for 10 seconds at a time in the microwave, stirring after each interval and repeating until completely smooth.’