Kmart sale Australia: Mum finds 50 cent bargain items at a Gold Coast store

Kmart’s ‘biggest sale ever’: Shopper scores a trolley full of ‘absolute bargains’ for just $10 after spotting range of 50c items

  • Mum finds cage of items for 50 cents at Kmart
  • She bought a trolley full for just $10 

A savvy shopper scored the deal of a lifetime when she found a range of Kmart items on sale for just 50 cents each.

Claudia was at her local Kmart when she noticed a ‘massive’ cage filled with toys and stationary at heavily-reduced prices and walked away with a trolley full of items for just $10.

The mum said a Kmart staff member was bringing out trolleys of reduced items and told her many stores are discounting stock to clear it over the next few days.

Claudia said it was the ‘biggest sale’ she had come across at the budget retail giant and told her followers to make sure to ‘look out for bargains’ on their next shop.

‘Go check our your Kmarts! Apparently it’s clearance time!’ she said in a TikTok clip. 


The Gold Coast shopper said a Kmart staff member was bringing out trolleys of reduced items and she walked away with a huge haul of toys, gifts and stationary for just $10

Bargain-hunting mum Claudia came across Kmart’s ‘biggest sale ever’ where a ‘massive’ cage was filled with items marked down to just 50 cents each

She said the Kmart staff member was bringing more and more items to reduce to just 50 cents and add to the bargain bin.  

One viewer asked if all Kmart store were putting on the 50-cents sale to which Claudia replied: ‘(The worker) said most Kmarts are getting rid of over stock at this time of the year, not sure on pricing or products’. 

The bargain-hunting mum shared her impressive haul she bought for just $10 altogether including notebooks, a range of stationary, nail polish, and toys like a tablet and mini pots and pans set.   

‘That’s just crazy to me…This is birthday presents for my kids (friends’) parties for a year,’ she said.   

Thousands were impressed by Claudia’s bargain find and were thankful for the money-saving tip. 

‘Whaaaat? This is like USA clearance prices!’ one viewer wrote. 

‘Sooo good for the rainy day box!!’ another pointed out and a third agreed: ‘Great stocking fillers or gifts for friends kids birthday’.

‘Absolute bargains, super jealous,’ someone else added.

Kmart sales and discounts will vary between stores depend on available stock