Know all about Bacteriological Incubator

Bacteriological incubator is lab equipment which is used for the purpose of incubation of biological products under observation. It is medical lab equipment and comes with digital temperature controller as well as thermocouple sensor to offer optimum temperature.

Basically, they are insulated bodies which are thermostatically functional to maintain a particular temperature. Hot air moves overs the racks or shelves of the incubator which has samples in Petri dishes, flasks or in any other media.

It is usually accessible with double walled construction and can be manufactured from different materials. The measuring device is recommended products for your daily operations which includes drying, staining along with incubation of the antibody tests and to determine microbial. In such kind of incubator, environmental conditions like humidity, temperature is controlled for the growth of bacterial culture at 7 degrees C. Right from hatching eggs, to artificially offering suitable temperature conditions for a biological or chemical reaction, everything is taken care of!

The device is made to provide for a wide range of requisitions of any Research Laboratory for growth and development of bacteria and to facilitate biological tests. Bacteriological incubator can also be used for the purpose of microbiology, biochemistry as well as in food processing and dairy industries. They are also useful in water and sewage treatment plants.

Tissue culture is an important branch of aqua culture, animal husbandry as well as many other biological departments to acquire good hybrids and to manage those important operations, the science of bacteriological incubator can successfully be applied. The incubator is fully reliable as it performs flawlessly and is purely budget-friendly.

So, if you want to use it as storage for bacteria plate or bacterial culture growth at a particular temperature of 37 degree Celsius, then this is perfectly for you. They are decked with heating temperature only and hence also known as heated incubators. You can get them in different sizes where the small size is 28l and the large size is 340l. Every machine is decked with digital temperature controller to render high accuracy and perfect reliability. They are economical and can fit in every budget. The best part is that it doesn’t require any maintenance and offers great performance for a long time period without any requirement of after sales service.

Temperature safety is the major concern of bacteriological incubator and hence they come fitted with temperature thermostat. It has a low/high alarm which warns the operator in case any variation occurs in the set temperature.

The bacteriological incubator from Osworld comes decked with a number of specs to look out for:

  1. Stainless steel body
  2. Touch screen display
  3. Program Logic Control
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. LAN Connection
  6. Fail safe standby systems
  7. Password security
  8. SMS Alert, Alarm Log
  9. Auto data backup
  10. Effective and reliable Data Management Solution
  11. SQL Non Editable Database
  12. 21 CFR Part 11 Regulatory Framework compliance
  13. Ethernet communication
  14. HMI has a 7-inch color screen
  15. Temperature range +5 degree C to 60 degree C
  16. Accuracy of Temperature: ±1°C
  17. Uniformity of Temperature: ±1°C