Know More About the Extended Warranty Available For Your TV

Even though technology has moved way too fast, there is one thing that is to date the same – our reliability on television for watching content. There are ample numbers of ways to access video content through online media, but the fun of watching it together on TV with family is completely different. One of the main reasons we are still glued to our television screens is that they have evolved over time. The journey has been a memorable one, from the old black & white box-shaped TY set to the sleek and smart technology-equipped ones that are available today.

Purchasing the television today is certainly a long-term investment. Since, more upgraded they are, the higher the technology they are equipped with. Brands do provide manufacturer’s warranties to assure us regarding their reliable and long-lasting operation. This warranty can help you if in case you encounter any issue while operating your TV set. Before you are content about this warranty service for your TV, let us inform you that this service lasts only for one year in majority cases. Hence, we would always suggest that you prefer opting for extended warranty service.

What is an Extended Warranty?

For all those who are not aware of it, the extended warranty is referred to as the contractual arrangement that adds on a few more years to the manufacturer’s warranty for repair and replacement of components Extended warranty services extend the duration of the appliance’s warranty coverage and you get peace of mind and assurance of smooth working of your appliance. You will be glad to know that you get extended warranty services from organisations which have expertise and pan India service network.

Let us now have a look at different problems and issues which the extended warranty covers.

  • Any breakdown of the components of appliances
  • All defects and damages which are covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty
  • Labour cost and parts cost are covered

You must have understood till now that the extended warranty covers all electronic or mechanical failures, which are covered under warranty provided by the manufacturer. Now, here are some issues which are not included under the extended warranty.

  • Extended warranty does not cover any damage which occurs due to improper usage of the gadget or any accident.
  • The issues or problems not mentioned in the manufacturer’s warranty will not be looked after.
  • No replacement of remote control, cables, batteries, or software.

Advantages of the Extended Warranty of TV

When you are considering applying for the extended warranty of your TV set, make sure you are well informed of the perks that you can enjoy. Now we will be talking about some perks which the extended warranty service has to offer you.

Ensure Peace of Mind: It makes sure that your TV set will be repaired in committed time without the need for you to wander here and there for technicians. You can stay at peace about the money that you have spent on the purchase.

No Hidden Charges: You need not have to pay for labour costs and spares costs under extended warranty periods. You can avail unlimited repairs by just placing a service request. There are going to be no hidden charges which you are supposed to pay.

Onsite Home Service: For large appliances like TV, home theatre, personal computer, air conditioner, washing machine, or microwave oven, these service providers will visit your home for repair and replacement.

Assured Durability: Experts promise that with their repair and replacement, the shelf life of your TV set will be enhanced. They use the genuine branded spares whenever needed for repair.

Value for Money: Whenever you take up the extended warranty service for your TV set, you will be saving up a lot of money. The rates at which are much more affordable when compared to what you will end up paying with no extended warranty coverage.

24×7 Service Booking: You can book the services provided under an extended warranty at any time. The service request process is generally online and very convenient, you can launch service requests thru App, Web, chat, mail or over the call.

Unlimited Repairs and Replacement: Once your product is under the extended warranty service, you can get unlimited repairs for the specified warranty period.

Access to Qualified Experts: Last but not least, your product, be it TV, PC, or mobile, will be repaired by professionally trained experts and not any random handyman.

Get Your Hands on the Extended Warranty!

You can request an extended warranty on your TV or any appliance at the time of buying the same or within 1 to 2 months from the date of purchase. To have an extended warranty plan, you can get in touch with WeConnect Care, and we bet that it will be worth a call! Get assistance on extended warranty now.