Knowing Your Rights in a Car Accident Scenario

Considering the kid of vehicles rolling out today, and the nature of work or deadlines, people today have been hard-pressed for time.

This dearth of attention and ignorance on part of some drivers has resulted in increased casualties, minor or major, across the region of Fort Worth, Texas in the past few years significantly.

If you can spend some time reading and understanding the statistics of road accidents occurring in Fort Wirth, you would simply be aghast and alarmed at the severity of the incidents.

The trauma associated with each such scenario is simply unacceptable by the victim as well as the onlookers, moreover by the lawyer representing the victim in the court of law.

Alarming Numbers

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), measured over 50 million miles of Fort Worth roads that have been covered over the last year by all vehicles in total. These miles encompass a never-seen-before surge in road mishaps and accidents ever!

Fort Worth car accident lawyers have witnessed 119 fatal car wrecks which also include 130 fatalities in sheer numbers of crashes. A list of 534 seriously injured individuals arises from 432 car accident cases from Fort Worth itself!

About 2,488 minorly injured people were categorically identified from 1,835 minor wrecks.

Going on further with these statistics, an automobile accident befalls the Fort Worth region every 35.8 minutes. Of which, every 1.2 hours, an individual falls prey to rash or inattentive drivers on road.

Unfortunately, the numbers also enlist the death of an individual every 2.8 days in a car crash!

From the perspective of daily lives of common people as they venture into the perilous roads while driving to work, or heading out to fulfill a few home errands or it could be as simple as pickup up or dropping off kids to school.

The risks involved in operating a motor vehicle are easy to forget as we go about our daily lives driving to work, dropping kids off at school, or simply running errands. However, each vehicle owner and its driver partly share his or her responsibility and his.

Destiny in the hands of every other driver they share the road on which they will be driving that very moment!

Their safety and physical health are endangered when they or the other drivers lose focus or drive irresponsibly, which can change the lives of an individual or their family forever!

If we have had the liberty to monitor or discuss some of the common causes of road accidents, drunken driving would lead the list. In Fort Worth, Texas, about over 629 alcohol-related crashes were reported in 2021.

That’s the number of reported cases, not counting or being unable to identify how many and who haven’t reported other cases if any!

These comprised 17 fatalities from a total of 16 Fatal Wrecks, 42 individuals with serious injuries from 23 Serious Injury Wrecks, and other minor, non-serious, or non-injury wrecks well over 300 to 400 such cases comprising of people well over 600 numbers!

Most intersections and roads are pretty much equal or in reality much more dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. Especially regions that are known for low-income and/or minority areas of Fort Worth city.


Most people busy with their schedules and burdens are often not concerned enough to acknowledge the serious potential risks associated with the risks of driving whenever rolling out their vehicle and entering any roadway.

At Wilhite Law Firm, they aim to educate each and every person to know and understand his or her rights and the precautions they must follow in case they, in unfortunate fates, ever fall victim to any road accident.

Most laws and every insurance policy of Texas mandate reporting any and all accidents involving pronounced property damage to vehicles and/or minor or major injuries to any individuals inside your vehicle.

When the cops arrive, ensure that you keep your statements to the minimum and report exactly how the event occurred, carefully ensuring that you specifically DO NOT accept blame since you would be unsure if you have been the primary reason for the accident.

In case, the police arrive along with an insurance adjuster, do not narrate, comment, speak or reply to them, in your current physical condition. Foremost, always remember that no insurance adjusters are concerned with your loss or pain, emotional condition, or fatality of a family member(s).

Their sole interest lies in foreshortening the liability of the insurance company as much as possible from paying what you deserve! They are driven to cut short any insurance claims pay-outs, without any consideration of getting you any full and fair compensation.

Therefore emphasizing furthermore, refrain from ever signing any release, authorization, or any paperwork, documents, or legal formalities for the insurance company of the party at fault, at the situation or elsewhere, until your lawyer has arrived or you have conveyed a message for them to arrive and assist you with the formalities.

Always have this hard-coded fact that most insurance adjusters will try to manipulate the evidence or statements to push the blame on you, being a common insurance company tactic across providers.