Lace wigs: features & benefits

Once upon a time, wigs were attributes of the wardrobe of nobles. However, even today their role has not been lost. This is especially true for wigs made from real hair. A human hair wig completely imitates natural hair.

Natural wig strands can be curled and styled just like real wigs. This may be interesting for those women who want to temporarily change their image, becoming a burning brunette or dazzlingly bright blonde, without risking their own hair.

Putting on a wig made of natural hair, a woman is easily transformed, and no one will guess – unless she herself says so – that her hair is not real.

Lace wigs: features & benefits

An easier way to change your appearance, allowing you to experiment endlessly, is to purchase a wig on a mesh. It is lightweight and comfortable, has an excellent fit, and thanks to the variety of shades makes it easy to choose.

In the online store of artificial hair, you can buy any model of lace wigs made of heat-resistant fiber at a tempting price – from a classic bob to a luxurious 100 cm long hair.

A mesh base for wigs is woven from a thin elastic cord, and then strands are carefully secured to it. The result is products that are in no way inferior to models on a solid basis, imitating leather.

Along the edge of the mesh “cap”, there is a special braid, which is easily stretched, reliably clasping the head. If desired, you can attach it with special glue, securing the wig securely.

The basis of lace front wigs has the following advantages:

  • Perfectly retains its shape, does not stretch, does not deform.
  • Do not pinch blood vessels, do not rub the skin (walking in a wig will be easy and comfortable because it is almost imperceptible).
  • Allows artificial hair to maintain its organic look, keep the original styling.

Artificial strands are fixed in such a way that the parting looks as natural as possible. Even if the hairs diverge, the mesh in the resulting lumen is not visible from the side. Therefore, none of those around you will guess that the luxurious head of hair is not yours.

HD lace wig is a royal lace material that used to be called Swiss lace, and which is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

For what occasions are synthetic mesh wigs suitable?

The choice of type, shape, and size is carried out individually, focusing on the preferences of buyers and their anatomical features of the structure of the head. You can choose any shade, type of bangs, and hair length – curly wig, straight red bob, ultra-short haircut with perky protruding strands, or luxurious long curls with fashionable ombre, reaching to the waist.

Mesh wigs are ideal for:

  • When the weather is hot outside, and you want to keep free air access to your natural hair and scalp.
  • If you have recently lost part of your own hair (due to trauma, chemotherapy, etc.).
  • If you often have to change your looks, and the time allotted for this is limited (performances, performances on stage, photoshoots, etc.). It is much easier to put on a wig on a mesh and give it the correct position than products with a solid base.