Larry David under fire for concentration camps SNL opener

Comedian Larry David has come under fire for his Saturday Night Live monologue, which noted that ‘many’ celebrities caught in sex scandals are Jewish, and then mused about pick up lines to use in a concentration camp. 

David, who is Jewish, drew an immediate storm of online criticism for his comic routine, in which the groundbreaking co-creator of Seinfeld combined a volatile mix of taboo topics.

‘Lotta sexual harassment stuff in the news of late,’ David began the bit. 

‘I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is many of the predators, not all but many of them, are Jews!’ he went on, cringing and gripping his cheeks 

Larry David has come under fire for his SNL monologue noting that ‘many’ celebrities caught in sex scandals are Jewish, and musing about pick up lines in a concentration camp

‘And I have three words to say to that: Oy vey izmir’, he said, using the Yiddish term for ‘woe is me’.

‘I don’t like it when Jews are in the headlines for notorious reasons,’ he said. ‘I want ‘Einstein Discovers Theory of Relativity’, ‘Saulk Cures Polio’ – what I don’t want is: ‘Weinstien Took It Out’,’ he said in reference to embattled film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

David continued into controversial ground, saying: ‘I’ve always been obsessed with women, and I’ve often wondered if I’d grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would I still be checking out women in a concentration camp?’

‘I think I would,’ he continued. ‘Hey Schlomo, look at that one!’

‘The problem is, there are no good opening lines in a concentration camp,’ said David, adding a long pause filled with nervous laughter from the studio audience, as he mimed approaching a woman.

‘How’s it going, they treating you ok? You know, if we ever get out of here, I’d love to take you out for some lakes. Do you like latkes? What? What did I say? Is it me or the whole thing? It’s because I’m bald, isn’t it?’ 

Backlash over the routine was swift, with many condemning David for combining humor about sexual harassment and Nazi concentration camps, and for even joking about the subject at all.

‘WTF is wrong with Larry David?’ asked Twitter user @ZionistEntity. ‘Did he actually think mixing sexual harassment with concentration camp humor is funny? What a train wreck.’ 

‘Larry David’s joke about hitting on girls at a concentration camp on SNL was WAY out of bounds,’ opined