Leading Women in Blockchain

In many different areas, from financial services to Internet safety, and even to daily uses, such as healthcare, Blockchain technology already changes our environment.

In recent years there has been a great movement of persons into a blockchain that is probably perfect for professionals who want to optimize their contribution towards the difficulty of this situation because of the productivity and complexity of the room. To support this trend, especially in attracting professionals to space, it is important to have the right staff. You can only accomplish the best goals with the best team, create the best goods and represent your customers better and eventually, the best teams are women.

Let’s see the leading women in blockchain technology!

1. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth stark is one of the most leading and influential leading women in blockchain. Surely Elizabeth Stark is a highly prized blockchain contributor. She is LightningLabs co-founder and CEO. Lightning Labs is the company that develops a decentralized financial infrastructure for the next generation. Lightning is an accessible layer of protocols that allows blockchains versatile and resilient to support a new era. The lightning network is a Bitcoin Layer 2 scaling approach allowing users to use low-payment and enormous-speed cost routing and transfer networks.

Stark also has driven the creation of Lighting Labs and the lightning network. Stark seeks to assist Bitcoin to achieve a goal for large and small retail purchases by the public. She is also a researcher at the Coin Centre, the largest non-contractual center for study and lobbying, focused on public policy issues in relation to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

2. Rhian Lewis

Following the establishment of a London Women meeting group with friends in Bitcoin in 2014, Rhian Lewis became a friendly meeting place for women working with Bitcoin in the United Kingdom’s capital. Rhian also co-creates the Altcoin portfolio tracker named as Check My Crypto. These efforts make a great impact on blockchain technology and she is now on the list of top leading women in blockchain technology.

However, meeting groups are a great way to connect with other people in an environment that is all too much socially unbalanced. London Women in Bitcoin’s Meetup group aims to host those involved in crypto monetary matters, whether you are a “Bitcoin Novice” who would like to know more about entering the Bitcoin community or someone who deals with it professionally now.

3. Faith Chimerem Titus

Faith is the founder and chief executive officer of the Nigerian-based, blockchain technology and interactive academy. She is also the Co-founder and Regional Director of the Port Harcourt Government Blockchain Nigeria User Group and the chapter leader. Faith is a practiced and chartered business consultant with a ten-year experience of public-and private-sector expertise.

One of her ventures is to arrange local blockchain workshops and conferences in Nigeria, Blockchain User Group. They also curate learning resources to help local people know about the production and management of cryptocurrency, trading, and property.
Faith has another side project with all this occurring. This is an inquiry and analysis platform based on blockchain which focuses on blockchain evidence authentication.


Women have a huge impact on the room of blockchain and also pave the way for other women to participate. As a disruptive technology, blockchain in the coming years will have an effect on many sectors. In the blockchain Revolution, people would definitely play a major role.