Learn from the pros: 5 Tips for Winning at Gambling in Japan

There are many types of gambling in Japan such as horse racing, boat racing, pachinko, and online casino, but have you ever gambled too much and found yourself betting a lot of money and losing? Japanese people lost as much as they love gambling.

When you lose and want to get it back, or when you want to win more, gambling becomes so passionate that you cannot see what is going on around you and cannot make normal decisions.

As a result, you may find yourself in a situation where you are betting a lot of money, but you cannot win no matter how many times you try. It’s dangerous to get emotional when gambling so it’s important to know how to win at gambling from a professional perspective.

This article will provide five tips to help you win successfully at gambling in Japan but you can definitely apply those tips wherever you gamble in the world. Also, a wide range of topics will be explained, including the relationship between gambling and mental health, how to think about winning, and the characteristics of people who lose at gambling.

Gambling is actually a mental game!

How do you feel when you hear that gambling is a mental game? You may think, That can’t be right! You might think, it is true that no matter how good your mental state is, it is unlikely that your chances of winning will increase.

However, there is a good chance that you will not be able to make normal decisions due to the influence of alcohol or being absorbed in the game and lose.

The following tips are very important when playing gambling so that you can make calm decisions and avoid losing extra money.

Determine your war chest in advance

It is very important to have a predetermined war chest before gambling. This is because when people become obsessed with gambling, they are unable to make normal judgments and start thinking, “If I could only gamble one more time…”, “This is the last time”, “If I get this far, I’ll bet it all! and so on, and as a result, they often end up losing a lot of money.

To avoid this, you should calmly consider how much money you can afford to spend beforehand before gambling and then decide on your war chest.

It is safe to set the amount as “the amount you are willing to lose at worst. Anyway, in gambling, it is important to play with reason, because if you become emotional, you will not be able to make normal decisions.

Don’t get emotional when you lose

Have you ever heard of the term “stop-loss”? Also known as loss-cutting, this is a method of fixing losses by selling an investment product that is losing money. It is a method used to minimize losses when you feel that waiting any longer will only increase your losses.

It is mainly used in the investment world, but this concept is also very important when playing gambling. This is because when people lose at gambling, they often get emotional and go deep into the game just one more time, which increases their losses.

It’s hard to know when to keep winning and when to keep losing because there is a flow to betting. However, in order to win, it is important to take a step back instead of getting pissed off trying to make up for the loss.

Record your income and expenses

It’s recommended that you keep a record of your income and expenses. If you are just keeping track of your income and expenses, you may think that you have won this month, but in fact, you have lost more money than you have won.

If you keep a chart of your income and expenses, you can calmly look at your current situation and objectively analyze whether or not you can afford to gamble.

Five Tips from a Professional Gambler

Professional and experienced gamblers set their own rules to make it easier to win and harder to lose. This is because there is a limit to how much you can win with “luck” alone. So what actually the rules are explained and summarized as five tips.

1. Set a standard for yourself (target amount of wins, allowable amount of losses)

In the first part of the article, It’s already mentioned that it is important to set a predetermined amount of money, but it is also important to set a target amount of winnings and an acceptable amount of losses.

The act of “I’m winning, so I’m going to keep increasing my stakes” has the potential to not only wipe out your profits with one loss but to turn them negative.

If you don’t get carried away when you are winning, and you can exit gracefully when you reach your predetermined winning target, you will not lose.

However, if you lose before you reach your goal, you may think, “This time! If you lose before you reach your target amount, you may get carried away by your emotions and not be able to make normal decisions.

To avoid continuing to lose when this happens, decide in advance how much you are allowed to lose, and if you are going to try again, bet within the allowed range.

2. A strong mentality to uphold the standards you set for yourself

It is important to have your own “rules” in order to make a calm decision. However, in some cases, even if you have set rules, there are cases where you are carried away by the emotions of the moment and break the rules with yourself, resulting in irreversible losses from gambling.

Therefore, having a strong mentality to follow the rules is a prerequisite. Keeping promises to yourself is not an easy task, but it requires mental strength to minimize gambling losses and maximize profits.

3. Don’t trust your instincts

It may come as a surprise, but it’s best not to trust your intuition as much as possible. This is because when you are gambling, you are more or less emotionally disturbed. A forecast based on such a mental state is a wish that “I want this to happen!” It’s not a forecast based on objective analysis.

When gambling, don’t let your emotions get the better of you, but analyze the facts and data and use reason to make decisions.

4. Don’t be too focused on winning

Have you ever heard of the “Law of Large Numbers”? It is one of the fundamental theorems in probability theory and statistics. One of the fundamental theorems in probability theory and statistics is the law that the final result will settle on an average value.

For example, if you roll dice with the numbers 1 to 6 many times and record the number of times it comes up, the average settles at about 3.5.

There are other examples of this kind of thing, the most obvious being the result of a coin toss. The following image shows a table of the probability of tossing a coin and coming up with a positive result.

The graph is not stable at the beginning of the throw, but it is almost 50% at the 10,000th throw. After that, the range of the graph becomes smaller and eventually converges to the average value.

This law applies to any kind of gambling, and it will converge to the rate of return set by the operator (the body). If you think about it over the long term, you will converge to the average, whether you win or lose. Therefore, it is not very wise to be obsessed with winning at gambling.

Don’t be too focused on winning, but follow your own rules and gamble calmly to reduce your losses and increase your profits.

5. It’s all about statistics! Choose a game with a high rate of return

Have you ever been aware of the “rate of return“? The rate of return is the probability that the amount you bet will be returned to you. For example, if you bet 100,000 yen on gambling with a 50% rate of return, you have a high probability of getting 50,000 yen back.

In other words, if the rate of return is close to 100%, it is a gamble that is unlikely to lose much money.

The following are the rates of return for each type of gambling as published in statistical data.

  • Horse racing: 60%.
  • Pachinko and pachislot: 75%.
  • Lottery: 45% to 50%.
  • Online casinos: 95%-99%.

The reason why we play gambling is simply that it is fun, but we all have the desire to win and get money. If you are going to do this, it is better to choose gambling with a high rate of return to keep the probability of losing money low and earn a lot of money.

The return rate of online casinos is much higher than that of other forms of gambling, so once you’ve mastered these five tips, you’re ready to start playing at the No. 1 casino in the world.

Three characteristics of people who always lose at gambling

Gambling is not just a “game of chance”. It is possible to intentionally increase your money by closely following the tips given in the previous chapter.

On the other hand, if you act in a way that is the exact opposite of what you know, you will attract unstable results left to luck.

This section will further explain three characteristics of people who always lose at gambling. If any of these characteristics apply to you, think back to them when betting your money.

Trying to make up for a loss

We have all experienced the frustration of losing at gambling. You tried again to make up for your loss somehow but you lost again. You can’t back down from this, so you get excited and spend more money than necessary.

Even if you know it’s not good, once your emotions are disturbed, you can’t make a normal decision, right? The frustration you feel when you lose is especially troublesome because it is as intense as a drug.

Even if you lose, if you have reached the allowable amount of losses that you originally set, you should end the day gracefully.

You can’t forget the excitement of winning, so you keep going

The moment when you are as emotionally disturbed as when you lose is when you win at gambling. It’s an exciting moment that makes you want to raise your hands in the air and make a gut punch. But this excitement is also a nuisance.

You want to feel the excitement again, so you keep on betting even if you lose. If you are a gambler, you have probably had this experience at least once.

It’s understandable that it’s painful to want to keep going, but you need to keep your emotions in check and follow the rules of “win target amount” and “allowable loss amount” that you have set in advance. It is important not to spend money in the dark.

The games you play change depending on your mood that day.

There is a certain flow to gambling, depending on the situation, when it is easy to win and when it is easy to lose.

For example, in the case of the pachi slot, it has been proven that there are certain tables that are easy to win on and that if you play on those tables, you can increase your winning percentage.

However, people who lose at gambling change the games they play depending on their mood of the day, and are not aware of the winning and losing trends of each game.

It is also important to gamble on the same game for a certain period of time in order to understand the flow of each game.

But it’s not enough to just have the right mindset

When to stop gambling is also important

Gambling is all about when to round up.

If you get carried away, you will get stuck in the depths like an ant’s hell and you will not be able to get out. Make sure to end the conversation at the right time.

When to cut back on gambling?

In gambling, there is a flow. Therefore, when you lose, you lose, and when you win, you win. The flow of the game is something that can be grasped with experience, but even experienced gamblers are not absolutely sure.

So, when is the time to round up the wound?

When you keep losing, it’s easy to get carried away, but by thinking about reducing the amount of damage you take, you can minimize your losses and maximize your profits.

If you keep losing, cut it out quickly!

No matter how good a gambler you are, no one has ever won a hundred games. Gambling is a game in which it is natural to lose. There is no way to always win. In other words, the key to success in gambling is how calmly you make decisions.

Especially when you keep losing, your emotions will fluctuate and your reasoning will not work properly. If you think objectively when you keep losing, you can think that you should stop because there is a possibility that you will keep losing more, but when you keep losing while gambling, you think, “I should win next time!”

If you keep losing, end the game gracefully.

Doesn’t get any hotter than necessary!

The real opponent in gambling is not the machine or the dealer in front of you. The real opponent is yourself.

If you can’t win at gambling, then you are losing to yourself.

If you become more passionate than necessary, lose sight of your surroundings, and are unable to make normal decisions, you are very likely to lose even more. Remember that it is important to play the game calmly, without getting too hot.

Even if you are easily influenced by the people around you, online casinos allow you to play alone and calmly. Furthermore, online casinos have deposit and loss limits, so even novice gamblers who are afraid of losing a lot of money can feel safe.


What do you think? People tend to think that gambling is just a game of luck, but you can now understand that it is actually a game of your own mentality.

In any kind of gambling, there is a good chance that you will lose a lot of money by betting an unreasonable amount of money due to your emotional turmoil when you lose or win. The secret to enjoying gambling is to use information such as the rate of return to make an objective judgment, control yourself when betting money, keep your wits about you, and play the game calmly.

Online casinos in particular are popular among professionals and experienced gamblers because they offer a higher rate of return and are easier to make money at than other forms of gambling.

Key points in this article

  • In gambling, if you let your emotions get the better of you, you lose.
  • When you lose is when you should be the calmest.
  • Choose gambling with a high rate of return.
  • Don’t get too into it.