Leavers corner incident: Sex tape shock rocks Schoolies as video of two teens having sex at event run by the police goes viral

Two teenagers had to be stopped from having sex at a school leavers event in a video that has now gone viral.

The explicit footage – which is too graphic to publish – shows a man and woman putting on a somewhat acrobatic display against a metal fence in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

People look on and film the couple, who are wearing headphones for a silent disco. 

The event is being run by WA Police and the state government

Volunteers and a security guard are then seen stepping in to pry the lovers apart. 

The clip has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, with reaction videos also being widely spread on TikTok. 

The event is being run by WA Police and the state government. 

WA Police said the pair were kicked out of the event by security. 

Red Frogs spokesman Chris George said it wanted to ‘help keep young people safe as they celebrate the end of school’.

‘If any leaver finds themself needing help, our Red Frogs volunteers are on hand to help them navigate the situation,’ Mr George said.

‘We’d also like to remind the young people to be safe and watch your mates, never leave a mate behind, always stay in groups to avoid any negative incidents.’

Condoms in pink packaging saying ‘wrap it up’ were handed out at the event. 

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