Legal Steroids in Canada: Do They Work and Are They Safe?

Legal steroids in Canada are the so-called anabolic steroids. They are synthetic substances that are relatively similar to the hormone testosterone present in males. Sometimes doctors prescribe these to individuals with delayed puberty or any other problem involving the deficit of testosterone.

What they do in the body is that they make the bones more robust and the muscles bigger. They can also trigger puberty to start when a certain young male has a genetic disorder. In these cases, steroids are necessary for normal male growth.

Anabolic steroids can be found in the form of pills, shots ingested into a muscle, or in the form of a cream or gel that is rubbed onto the skin. Furthermore, steroids for sale have the most important substance properties. They all include Depo-testosterone, i.e., testosterone cypionate, and Andriol, i.e., testosterone undecylenate.

Every Canadian resident needs a prescription from a doctor to get anabolic steroids. They can be bought without the doctor’s prescription, but that is considered illegal. There are also other forms of steroids, such as certain legal supplements which people take that involve steroid hormones.

For example, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is such a supplement. In the remainder of the text, we will focus on anabolic steroids in Canada. In essence, whether it is safe to use them, how they work, who makes them, and whether there are any possible side effects.

Who makes and who uses anabolic steroids?

There are over 40 brands of anabolic steroids in Canada, like Canadian Anabolic Steroids Canada, to name just one of them. The credible manufacturers and established brands, such as the one we mentioned, are safe to shop from.

However, there are also numerous “underground” sellers, but there is no such guarantee that they are of the highest quality. If a particular steroid brand is sold on the black market, it likely contains harmful components.

When it comes to users of anabolic steroids, over a million of them are currently in North America, most of whom are teenagers. The majority of people use them to improve their physical performance in sports, whereas some use them to improve their physical appearance. However, when buying steroids online be wary of fake gears you come across.

Among the most common occupations of people who use anabolic steroids, we have athletes, bouncers, firefighters, soldiers, and police officers. All of them have the same motto – “Looking bigger is better,” which is a phenomenon also frequently called “Reverse Anorexia.”

Do anabolic steroids work and how to consume them?

Yes, anabolic steroids do work. They definitely can improve your physical performance, and they do so by enabling the following:

  • Reduced fatigue;
  • Increased muscle production;
  • Enhanced aggressiveness;
  • Increased nitrogen retention;
  • Improved calcium levels in the bones;
  • Elevated hemoglobin levels;

For anabolic steroids to be effective, they must be taken in combination with a diet including high protein levels and an intense training program. When it comes to consuming them, they can be taken in two ways.

The first is oral, in the form of pills, the other is an intramuscular injection. A far greater number of users prefer injections because that way, they can avoid some of the harmful side effects caused by taking steroids in pill form.

Are anabolic steroids safe, and what are the possible side effects?

Anabolic steroids are safe if taken appropriately with the proper training procedure and protein intake. However, they are also considered dangerous because of their potential to invoke severe side effects in male and female individuals.

The long-term consequences have yet to be examined when it comes to the abuse of steroids. However, the side effects, a bit frightening, which we’ll list out below, were seen in steroid users who were taking relatively small doses.

  • Side effects in males – shrinking of the testicles, enlargement of the breasts, prostate enlargement, reduced sperm count, and impotence;
  • Side effects in females – increased facial hair, reduced breast size, enlargement of the clitoris, baldness in a male pattern, deepening the tone of voice, and irregular periods. Unfortunately, these side effects are permanent;

Some side effects, milder, are present in both males and females. Those can include: acne, tremor, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, sleep disorder, hallucinations, paranoia, aggressiveness, and even antisocial behavior.


While anabolic steroids have potentially harmful side effects, as we’ve outlined above, they do work and are safe if taken with precaution. Sometimes, steroids are somewhat of an inevitable treatment when there is a hormone dysfunction in a young male body.

Even though numerous steroids can be found on the black market, usually produced in underground labs, avoid them. Instead, we highly recommend buying anabolic steroids only from well-established brands to avoid harmful components.

Canadian residents can legally buy anabolic steroids with the doctor’s prescription. If consumed, they should always be followed with the proper food intake, increased protein diet, and exercise. Good luck, and don’t forget to be cautious.