Legit ways to earn bitcoin for free without investment

Many people are searching the internet seeking out ways to earn free bitcoin. Some think it’s a myth, while others know there must be a way to earn bitcoin for free. This article will cover the most popular ways to earn free bitcoin and if they work or not.

Like any other cryptocurrency, the first step to getting your free bitcoin is, of course, having a wallet. There are many different kinds of wallets, both for desktop computers and mobile devices. Here you have it, five ways to earn free bitcoin.

Faucets are the first place people turn for free bitcoin

Faucets are small websites or applications that offer a small amount of free bitcoin in exchange for captcha solving, clicking ads, or even sitting through an ad. You can find a fantastic bitcoin faucet list there to make your work much easier.

Many sites offer free bitcoin if you play their games

The second way to earn free bitcoin is by playing games. There are a ton of websites where you can play and get free bitcoin. You never have to risk any bitcoin, and the only thing you’re out of is your time.

Earn cashback in bitcoin when you shop online

Sites like Lolli give you cashback on your purchases when you shop at over 1,000 stores. You can earn bitcoin from these online shops when you’re shopping for goods and services. It’s as simple as leaving your bitcoin address on the site and get paid in bitcoin directly into your wallet.

You can earn bitcoin through crypto mining

Mining is where you use your computer or a mining rig to process highly complex calculations that are on the blockchain. These are called hashes. When you solve a bitcoin block, it’s called a hash. Many people earn free bitcoin from processing these hashes when people transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another.

Crypto lending programs pay you in free bitcoin

Binance Lend is a perfect example of a lending program that pays you in bitcoin. Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and you can borrow bitcoin from Binance. You earn money when someone borrows your bitcoin, and they pay it back with interest.

Be cautious of cloud mining

Let’s be honest; if you don’t know it already, cloud mining is a scam. Usually, cloud mining is a Ponzi scheme where only the people who get in early make any money. These sites typically have an affiliate program where you can make money by referring other victims.

Cloud mining sounds too good to be true because it is! You will never come out ahead when investing in cloud mining. It doesn’t matter how hard you look; there’s no such thing as an honest cloud mining company.


There’s no reason why you should be paying for bitcoin when you can get it for free. As always, make sure to do your research before investing in any of these options. You should always be careful when investing in anything. In the end, you will want to make sure you’re getting paid and not being scammed.

The great thing about faucets is that you only invest your time. You’ll know right away if the faucet is a scam or not because you’ll see the bitcoin in your wallet after they send it. You can minimize your risk by only utilizing the faucets that quickly pay you.